Saturday, November 1, 2008

Iguacu Falls.

we have left Felipe's home. real sad.its nice to stay at a friend's home where they took so good care of us but when we leave, we gave them nothing but tears and hug. i felt so ashame. how could we repay them? Mage felt like our mother. she took so good care of us. we are human. we could feel how people react to another's action. when will we meet again after we left their house? when will fate come again?

we visited Iguacu falls within a 2 days hard core riding from Felipe's house. now we are heading towards Florinopolis, going to enjoy the brazilian beach and do up my Uraguay visa. hey...don't feel proud holding on to our Singapore passport. so troublesome. we need to do up brazil and uraguay visa while a malaysia passport holder do not need to!

its a long 2 days ride to florinopolis. i cannot upload my beautiful pictures from Iguacu in this internet cafe. stupid...

will update as soon as we got internet again.

hope too is sick. he need medication. he need about 100ml of engine oil topped up every 100km on the highway.
ahgogoh is sick too. he need.... just had some flu and cough. no more vinos (red wine). er... perhaps more beer!
Sam is sick also! missed the home char kway tiao!

we are at Irati, some town where no tourist or traveller would visit. only strange singapore couple came here on their motorbike.

hey, we got interviewed by a local newspaper. will put up on the blog once we have good internet cafe.

S 25 deg 28.007'
W050deg 38.674'

4 comments: said...

Goh and May,
Friends are like stars, you never see them often but you know they are there. It is like that; you meet and you say good-bye. Its all in the heart. Take care. Amzah

singaporedream said...

hi abs.

thanks for the pat on my shoulder. i feel better after reading your comment.

Anonymous said...

Safe riding bro!! Make Singapore proud. U make fellow singaporean realise that we are Ugly! i 100%agree!!

singaporedream said...

thanks Anonymous. we do have our beauty. just trying to progress everyday.