Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My bike is stolen on 25 oct 2007

dear Riders.

lesson learned: never go to malaysia again!

today (25 oct 2007) i drove down with my wife, went to all the kampong nearby to send the 'wanted' poster. that's the only hope. forget abt the police.... i also asked my sis in law to advertise on the malayu newspaper in johor.

$ lost is about SGD$20000++. the infomation in my PDA is priceless!

that's not the issue. i bought this bike 2 years ago coz i planned to go RTW.

it's just like u are training for a sword fight for two years. just 2 months before the fight u lost the sword, how would u feel?!?!?!

since day one when i bought the bike, i did alot of modification on it. testing, trail, correction. the bike help me to marry my wife back. then we tested the fuel tank. it went dry without telling me. then i start to learn more about her. day b4 my wedding day, my wife and i push the bike at the highway in malaysia for 45minutes bcoz it ran out of fuel. we had a good time pushing it! will never forget.

the crash bar issue was a madness!!! from motorworld arguement to sengkuang metal works. after much work due to her extended 36 liters fuel tank, the perfect crash bar is on her now, custom made.

getting eugene saddle to do a cobin similar seat for the bike is a test of patient. ask micheal: best seat, second to none! cost me $200.00!!! i have to test the seat by riding for a few hours then i can say that it is comfortable.

getting my 2 aluminium boxes on the bike is a challange. need to put her at sengkwang for weeks! must cut the exsause, do measurements..... i did a extended space for my wife. extra 4 inches from her back to the box. Comfort!!!! the top box rack was perfect too!!! Luckily I went to Malacca without the 2 side boxes.

adding the scott oiler, welber rear suspension, front fork special suspension, Garmin GPS anti vibration holder with internal power is my recent works! thanks to ah chan from m-techik that had given me many many advice and patience.

i had known her for the past 2 years. how's her temper and charactor. she has also get used to me, everytime waited patiently for me to come back after i parked her. yesterday was the final, which i could not kissed her goodbye.

It was the kind of understanding, trust and love that the bike and I gave each other. I almost work everyday, driving my truck. Driving my truck is driving me crazy… when my wife and I got low morale, she would want to ask me to ride bike out for a spin. It’s such an amazing trail, riding on my XRV with my wife really lessen the pressure and workload in my mind. The bike bring me to the high sight which makes me feel on top of the world. The kinda freedom it has whenever I shoot straight into AYE, the kind of understanding power it has to overtake. I feel like flying. I told myself, this bike is the one that can bring me to the corner of the world!

After the bike has been stolen, go recce at the possible route of advancement. I used the fastest way to report to the autority (the patrolling government tow truck) bcoz they have signal comms thro out the whole highway. Forget abt giving them ur name, ic number, address, where u come from, where u going…. It will take u hours! I gave them the description of my bike and my contact number. GOSH! It take them about 60-100 seconds to write down 9 0 0 8 5 5 1 5. Take note of trucks around that may have the bike in. I went to the next nearest exit and check it out. Be calm, think. Not hush! Ask the witnesses. I did the best is to keep calm and think, looking at the landscape situation around me and remember. But best of all, this method still cannot get my bike! So I Lanlan go policestation to queue up to make report. They got many silly questions to ask u and many procedures. They type with single finger searching for the alphabet Q,B, P, Q, and so on….. I just to have to smile and mean time telling myself to seek for other help.

Today driving to the kampong, people are really there to reply my help with sincerity. There’s a reward of RM2000.00 but they didn’t bother. They passed the extra papers to their friends around and hoping that everybody is aware of it. I went to mywife's ex kampong, they took the paper and pass it to their uncle, the uncle would say he got a XXX friend which is a XXX person, he will personally go find help from that guy. Phone call will sent and recive from one state to another. My wife siblings would gather the most important contact and give it to us. It’s so homely. I could not see this kind of integrity in the city life which I am staying at. I felt ashamed!

I have lost a beloved bike but I gain more understanding about human. I am now one level up!
My round the world trip is still on!

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