Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Activities in Sao Paulo

thanks to Cedar, worked in Coca cola, she got invitation from a local club by the name of History. History was having their opening ceromany and we drank caipirinha (famous brazilian cocktail) and beer, on the house!see what Shindawa chainsaw can do...

an old photo we found at Simone's house.

Mauricu just handed me a badge from his vest just because i said that it's nice. i just got to know him less than 10 minutes!

One of the common faces we can see in brazil, not the one on the left but the senior biker with the leather jacket.

Carolina! Bad girl bad girl... guess how old is she... you will be surprised!

Hope Too was inhaling too much sand and dust during our 'Euduro Bolivia'.

Hope Too had his battery fault again. Can't start. Sohail at Pakistan had changed the terminal to a smaller one. I threw away the original terminal connector and cable. now the battery is weak and it couldn't start. 2 of the spoke from the rear wheel had broken, because i tried to tighten them.

Trying to look for a good bike shop to nurse Hope Too.

anyway, we were invited to a biker's weekly gathering. they are cruzer guys from a international group of Mansonry. They told me it's an international group. the chairman presented both of us 2 very special badges where ordinary members even didn 't have. Sam and I were touched thou we speak lousy Portugese. many RTW bikers chose to skip Brazil because it may be out of the way from the north, hearing that it is dangerous, because it is not so popular blah blah blah but they had missed the people here!
well... now no bike to travel but we are very lucky that Simone and her mother had let us stay at their house. How can we repay them???


Johan said...

Very brave of you to go to unexplored places. Sure to miss nice people.

How to repay Simone? Maybe cook a S'porean meal for them?

singaporedream said...

thanks johan. chicken rice? they had better rice. hokkien mee or nasi lemak? no ingredient here. hee... i missed home food!!!

michael said...

How ??? perhaps a dance just like u did it at malacca hospital.The ah goh style.hehehe...

singaporedream said...

michael!! ahh... i recall the malacca hospital hotel was a good one. that place like shopping center. go to 5th floor meet the fatimah, go 11th floor meet doctor, go 3rd floor see bike, go 7 floor meet ahmad. it was fun... but not again.