Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sao Joao Da Boa Vista

Coffee packing.

classroom presentation.

Hope Too, in workshop with the mechnic and at Simone's home with the mechnic

coffee grading where he had to sip 10 spoonful of coffee per sample. guess how many sample he has everyday?

it's time where we left Sao Paulo. Simone helped us to call everyone for help due to the bike. we would like to thank here for all the trouble. she is here also for holiday and yet she took the trouble helping us to plan everything. this is how a Brazilian kindness that we are hard to forget in our life. why would someone that doesn't know us where we came from another world, would helped us in this way?

yes, Hope Too had bad fuel in Brazil. very low octone and dirty quality at about S$2.00 per liter. causing lots of dirt to the cabrator. along the way from Bolivia to Sao Paulo, we wish to get there fast as the battary (installed at Pakistan) is not working well. Upon reaching Simone's mother home, she (her mother) also helped us to call the newspaper reporter, drove to the local honda dealer to ask for sponsorship for us. she is about 73 years old. the marketing director require an email for any request but after sending the email, we waited a few days, until now, there isnt any response. i decided to walk into the honda workshop to enquire about the battery price. we didnt speak good portuguese but thanks to the internet, there are lots of translation online. i just wanted to buy the original battery which cost about S$70.00 in Singapore but they quoted me S$600.00 for one! thanks mann.

luckily with Simone's referral, we got to know Philipe and went to another workshop. that street has about 30 motorbike dealers and workshop side by side. Motoracer was the one we went to. i check the battery price before going to Motoracer, most shop sold at S$250.00++ but motoracer quoted me $20.00 lesser. not because it is S$20.00 lesser but to ensure that we have to know the market price. the mechnic checked everything for me, re-wire Hope Too's battery, cleaned the carbrator. i asked the boss how much was the workmanship and he did not charged me a single cent for that! as a support for our trip and as a biker himself, he only charged me for the cost price of the battery! what a place, full of warmness! http://www.motoracer.com.br/

happily riding back to simone's home, Sam noticed that the overflow pipe was FLOWING with petrol! again, not devasted but it makes me angry. Hope never give me such problems but Hope Too always had! i couldnt ride back to the workshop again where the petrol is flowing everywhere when i start the engine. the next day i took out the fuel tank and check but everything is in order. Simone call up the workshop again and in a few hours time, the mechnic rode to our place and retify the problem! free of charge again! of cause we give him a token of apprciation but such 'on the door' motorbike service, i had never had before!

we went to a school and share with them our journey as Philipe's sister in law is teaching in the school. the children were impressed and motivated with our journey and pictures.

Simone's mother. 73. living alone but lived her life now as a busy woman. She helped the needys to cut hair, not alone but by organizing and participating in all the charity work. this is one of her younger days when she go to the children's home. in asia, a woman at 73 would......would not do such troublesome work or dirty work.
she is someone that we look up to. the disabled that they attended to, i may not have the patience to take care of them.
There was also a hospital for the poor women, where they give birth to babies. the mothers there had no money to do their hair because of their financial statues so Simone's mother had organized a salon in the hospital to give the new mothers a new look and confidence after giving birth. every women deserved to be pretty regardless of $, espically after giving birth where they felt so tired. i'm really touched about what her mother was doing.
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