Friday, September 26, 2008

Sao Paulo

well, thats what sao paulo is. i think they are having an election round the corner.

dont think that brazil is a backward country. i saw the creativity and technology in this country is so advance. i can say better than singapore. the standard of living is more luxury than singapore (in sao paulo).
along the way from Bolivia to Sao Paulo, we had about 1400km to wheel. good and straight road towards the east. low graded gasoline is about S$2.20 per liter. as our french friend said, everytime we enter a new country we will lose $. thats true. 1st day in brazil we stay in a R$110 hotel. (R$1.00 = S$0.80)
2nd day we stay in a Motel, those that people needed urge and drive in and had a private parking, nice bed and mirrors everywhere. condoms and lubrication supplied type of place. the motel is R$80.00 per night. lousy quality if i can grade.
3rd night... after 600km of travel, we wanted to camp at the petrol station but they didnt allow. i guess only truck can stay overnight because their tank is big and they will fill their tank in the morning. motorbike is small customer. the friendly attendance told us there was a hotel nearby so we went. it was dark and the hotel is like a resort... situated inside a village where from the dirt road without street lamp it leads the way to the gate of the "hotel". the gate was closed and i have to intercom with the reception. i convesate in english but they speak portuguese. come-on... its a hotel, when i say the word "hotel" or "room" it means that there is customer coming to spend at the property! they just dont want to open the gate. forget it! we proceed towards sao paulo and look for exit along the highway where there is possible place to stay.

we reached another highclass motel after the rain in the cold night where it affected my visilibility greatly. they quoted me R$47.00 per night and i couldnt believe it! much cheaper that we thought. well... we had a good time at the motel again. Hope Too could sleep peacefully in his own room and we had a good shower and sleep. also, there is free XXX movie in the motel!
i guess Brazilian are happy people because such motel exist... similar to those in Taiwan.


now we have reached sao paulo. Remember Simone, we met her in Italy? she is a Brazilian, working in the Brazil embassy in Roma. we stayed at her house in Roma and now we have met here here in Sao Paulo! we are safe and staying at her house.

we are at:
S 23deg 37.100'
W 046deg 40.217'

This is for Kid_rizal, the previous posting about Santa Cruz in Chinese. its translated by

Turns on the map to go to Brazil from Santa Cruz to have two roads. Seems the first road is small is also also curving. The second article is the enfilade, along catches fire the vehicle route yizhi dao important pass. We decided that chooses looks like quite easily to walk second. We estimated that this 647km the distance only needs to take three days to be able to complete. Early in the morning, we took the 20km road, thought that budgets the dissimilarity with us, the road is very good! But when we finished eating the breakfast to walk multi-5km, the nightmare started! The main road is servicing, we can only with the side alley. Truck surmounts us. The sand dust unceasing blows to us, our line of sight is covered all! Sometimes must stop, and so on winds sweep it. The road is uneven, on road's Sha Duodao is the same with the sand beach! Walked 80km with great difficulty, thought that the main road will be good a spot; Does not have! The main road and the alley do not have the distinction! Is high speed ' the road in here `is this. Thought that Hope Too has been like this old, but must jog in the sand beach, at the same time runs also at the same time coughs, what really wants its life! Looks opposite comes the vehicle lets me link thought in family's hamster is taking a bath.  We altogether tumble two times! The first time is because in the sandpile has the big stone to trip. The second time is the Hope Too foot by the card in the sand, cannot take! Ming Jun makes an effort to transfer the oil, Hope Too loses balanced tumbles. You go to Kuala Lumpur's journey from Singapore are conceivably this: Has not rested the station, does not have the store, does not have the restaurant, nobody housing! Jeepers, why can do the road a spot? On road's truck similar turtle in ground crawls, crawls! When can deliver the goods? We could not think through, why can the road use the sand to come the bedding? Some people tell us certainly to want indefatigable in Bolivia, now we only then understand these words the meaning.  Arrives at the day from the dawn to be dark, we walked 270km, nine hours. On the road does not have the street light, only then pitch-dark woods, belly rumble rumble calling. We cannot stop, can only proceed. Sees the street light with great difficulty. Asks the human to ask, only then knew that we already arrived at San Jose de Chiquitos. . We very quick found the hotel luckily, the nightmare can finish. Wants to turn head, we are lucky! Has not been hit snatches, does not have the serious fall wound, Hope Too not to have the bone fracture. Is 377km is also same?

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legal teu blog, nunca vi alguem viajar tanto e nem imagino como deve ser ter de se entender com pessoas em tantos idiomas diferentes mundo afora.