Friday, September 5, 2008

Potosi to Sucre

doesn´t the market in Bolivia looks like the market in Singapore in the 1970´s or 1980´s? like the Queenstown market? we felt so homely here where we have breakfast with the local almost every morning.

We left the 4088 meters above sea level Potosi
(4D lovers take note of this number 4088). It is the highest city in the world. It used to be one of the richest city in S.A. because it has natural silver mine but the Spanish had made advantages of it during the conquest. Hope Too doesnt need any jet resetting due to the thin air ratio to burn with the carbrettor. Instead, Sam and I were breathless after walking for 5 minutes. believe me, really breathless! the local use Coca leaves to chew, not Cocaine. Coca leaves are only legal here in Bolivia.

suprisingly, road from Potosi to Sucre is 150km and we only took 3hrs! it was real tarmac road again! in Sucre, the building is so much european style. Heard that it was one of the UNESCO heritage city.
Hope Too was about to change his engine oil, perhaps when we reach Santa Cruz to get it done.

Road from Uyuni to Potosi.

I lost balance when i stopped completely to get a photo taken. the ground was uneven and we fell to the left side. Hope Too is really a fat and heavy baffolo where we have problem lifting him up!

local women looking at the strange old baffolo.

We would like to thank Derek Yap of Camphora Pte Ltd. Generous support in our journey again of SGD$1000.00. Not only by cash sponsor, Derek had made equipment contribution in our journey like our flees and wind breaker which are of top quality.

Not forgetting Mr Tay Chiow Chee of Tampines, which get to know us only through the blog. His monthly contribution to us had made our heart growing stronger, knowing someone is helping in our trip constantly!

thanks my fellow Singaporeans!

got my hair cut for S$2.00 at Potosi.


Ernie said...

Hi Goh! its me Ernie from NP EE.

Hope you still remember me.

Glad to know you're doing ok.

Btw, am currently in uk for studies.

Also have lost contact with Hadi. Last contact him before my wedding which he sadly was unable to attend.

Ride safe.

singaporedream said...

ernie! since when u at UK? its expensive rite? but its good to earn $ there and spend in spore.
how long ur course? what u study? how u get to know about our blog?

about hadi, email me and i give u info about him.

...missed ur wedding day!

ernie said...

but how to email you? Don't have your email address...

Anonymous said...

csk_landscape at yahoo dot com dot sg