Tuesday, September 2, 2008

we are touched.

dear friends. suddenly we had so many friends looking at our blog. we felt encouraged. thank you everybody. We are at Bolivia. Might be the first singaporean to travel on bike on this route here. also, we might be the first round the world biker to lost the bike before the trip and still manage to start within 2 months. refer to my posting in 2007. about sponsorship: before my bike was lost we had sufficent fund for the trip and would not want any publicity. my 2 years effort Africa Twin (AKA Hope) was stolen with important equipments 2 months before the big day. our funding was much tight then. we 60 letters out to all the singapore listing company, top 10 singapore brand to seek for "backup funds" or equipment supply with the help of some publicity. only 4 reply which are negative. i guess it´s too short time for the sponsor to react.
we hope to update more on the blog if we can find internet.


Atwin: i have found out something about the long way round and long way down stuff. the truth is that they..... .... many globe riders told me this. email me to know the truth. sponsor? i got many sponsor along the way espicially in pakistan, iran, turkey and some parts of europe. they gave us food, lodging and friendship. this is the kind of trip and people we want to meet. not about seeing the 7 wonder of the world. we love to see and understand about human. we also enjoy food and beer! of course not forgetting the lovely landscape, trees, flowers and animals.

Ivan: thanks for dropping by. hows NPCB folks?

rekraine, fauzie33,WT, Dreamscometrue,pearson,SGnetizen,Fitri: thanks for reading my blog. when we go back we would like to help more fellow singaporeans to able to travel like us, regardless of trouble. we are going to Columbia! it´s now or never. about sponsors, we have ´seen through´. let fate decide about extra $. must fight for what i want.

thank you for your time.


seeprompt said...

Similar to Long Way Round, it was highlighted that some big sponsors decided to pull out because they thought that the trip was destined to fail. So you can see why it is so hard to convenience companies that have strained relationships with their shareholders to part hot money to your project.

I personally think that if you are able to return from your trip successfully, you will become a National Hero. As you have inspired many, you too have inspired me what the human spirit can overcome.

With that said, I am willing to commit a monthly pledge. Hopefully my small contribution might help a little.

P.S. Do have fun, lots of it! And remember not to offend the locals along the way.

singaporedream said...

hi there.

i was too late to get sponsorship. i didnt want to have any sponsorship previously because it will involve in publicity which we didnt like. until we lost Hope n $ was drain. i dont mind $ coming in with sponsor now. most of all, we have a mission. we do it with pride and hope to encourage n help more singaporean to travel like us. we are not national hero like khoo swee chow. we are just normal singaporean that want to travel. ur contrubition is not little to us but very meaningful. we thank you for ur support in our Lost Hope fund. also now the world is not the same as what happen in india. hard to offend the locals because they are so nice!


Anonymous said...

Local companies are shit. You expect companies who are only interested in sucking max profits with minimal investment and efforts to SPONSOR (ie. give money with no expectations of ROI)?

They would rather hang themselves by the balls first. That's why I couldn't be bothered to support these local companies.

Anonymous said...

By the way. Good luck for the rest of the trip. U guys rock!