Tuesday, September 23, 2008

we have reached our 23rd country, BRAZIL!

Argentina was Tango

Bolivia was Salsa

Brazil is SAMBA!

our exit stamp for Bolivia was 21 sept 2008 but entry stamp for Brazil was 22 sept 2008, why!?

21 september 2008, we reached the bolivia border. we had an exit on our passport but the custom office was closed. the officer didnt care about my bike so i rode to the brazil side.

there were immigration officer checking on cars randomly. they tell me to pass and go to the next town, Corumba, to get our passport stamped at a police station.

we went to the police station, they said the office for passport control was closed (sunday). come again tomorrow.

so we stayed one day in Brazil without entry stamp, but we are greeted by the town for festival, music and fireworks as it is the 230th birthday for the town.

next day, went back to the bolivia to hand over the import permit for my motorbike. the officer seems like just take the paper and put in the pocket.

the brazilian side, went to an office somewhere in the town, try to talk to the officer in portugese but i can only say yes no and thank you. waited 3 hours to get my bike "imported" and had to "export" within 3 months else gona pay US$8500.00.

intresting intresting.

Brazilian road are 100% better than bolivia but standard of living is almost 4-5 time more.

i can say that Bolivia has always surprising roads that will surprise the user, boring food BUT all at very affordable rate for me!


Cindy Lam said...

Jiayou jiayou!

abs.blogspot.com said...

Goh n Sam,
Salute you both. Im new to read your journey. I am thrilled and inspired. Take care, safe ride and God bless. Will follow your progress.

singaporedream said...

cindy, thanks! remember to sent us picture of the dinner.
abs.blogspot.com: thanks for following the blog. would like to know how do you get to know us?