Sunday, November 23, 2008


sorry folks! after B.A., we been riding straight and long highway towards the west. if you look at the road map of argentina, there are many straight roads in the center of the country. thats where we are! its so straight, stretching up to 500km straight but we have to keep an eye open for the on coming vehicle that got onto our lane and i would strongly suggest these road user to read and understand the book on "Lane discipline".

Route 40 was truly amazing! It runs parallel to the alps between Chile and Argentina. We tried a "not so popular" border crossing. it was about 50km of off road riding to the check point. we were quite confident that the border is open because we saw good and proper signboard that reads: Rep of Chile, with arrow.

when we reached the immigration and custom office, it was empty. usually the check point is far away from the boundary, like 20km away. i asked the local, understanding from sign language, the border is closed. i still wanna try.

going furthur for 30 minutes, the road was on construction. the man working told me to go back because there is no road!

well... our chile is delayed.. we return. luckily this road is stunning. great mountain and river view. its so nature. horse eating grass so close to the road, sheeps and cows trying to have a second look on us, if we were one of them. i must not miss their "landmine" on the road.

after 3 days of riding thro the straight road. we got onto Ruta 40. we spend 2 days riding on Ruta 40 and now we have reached our 24th country of our trip: CHILE!!!

S 38deg 26.274´
W071deg 53.676´

we are going to visit the volcano at Pucon.

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