Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Active Volcano in Chile.

the long long west way from B.A. to Chile.
The way to the closed border between Argentina and Chile. It was rewarding.
Some local bikers along the way. look at one of them, he had his ear plugs pasted on. the wind was so strong and it sounded like operating a chainsaw.
Part of Ruta 40 of Argentina.
Part of Ruta 40 of Argentina.
At last, a passable border from Argentina to Chile!
3 cheers for Proton in Chile!
This is how steep the moutain is... not upwards that we are walking directly but to the side and to the side...

Indicater of the volcano from the town.
view of the Volcan Villarrica from the town (Pucon) we staying.
At the top of the mountain, were we were supposed to see lava... but on the day there were too much smoke from the "hole".

break time along the "walk".

i was way back behind Sam when she took this picture. every step had to be slow, steady and careful.

it was our very first time, in our rtw trip and our life. climbing on snow and ice mountain. For Sam, it was her first time in her life trekking. For me, the national service trained me a little bit for walking.
It was an active volcano. the last eruption was 1986. there were warning indication of the volcano signs in the town.
We had to put on the wind breaker, gears and the macdonald boots provided.
started 5am, we start from the bottom of the mountain at 545am. 1st 1 hour was easy walking on the hardened lava. then next 2-3 hours on snow where we had to put on sunscreen (i did not) and sun glasses. then the last 2-3 hours we had to put spikes on our boots to climb on the ice and helmet. The shoe was NOT comfortable! it caused blister everywhere! there were gradient as steep as 60 degrees. 12 members and 4 guides. half way we were left with 2 guides and 7 members. in the end, 1 guide, sam and i were the last to reach the mouth of the volcano. One of the girl slipped down the ice and if the guide did not save her from sliding, she will end up 2 hours below us.
when we got back to the hostel, we were so tired. took an afternoon nap and dinner, then slept for 12 hrs till the next day waking up with ache everywhere. i had a bad sunburn on my face that looked like a orang utan.

we were lucky. some people waited for weeks for the weather to be clear before accending the volcano. the next day when we arrived in this town, the weather forecast was good for us to climb. Some climbed on when not so clear and had do return half way due to the weather, and the money wasnt refunded. lucky us.


Anonymous said...

goh, spelling error leh.. volcano eruption not erection.. or do you meant to type it this way.. haha.. nearly fell off my chair..good for you..i gave up my trip to Mt kinabalu due to health problems.. so envy u..hmm..enjoy ya..but do take care, hor? Szewei

Johan said...

I was going to say the same. Good for you and Sam to get this far!

Marisol said...

Felicitaciones to both of you!!!! (Congratulations). I hope seeing all the pics, as we are already waiting for you here in Viedma. We're looking forward to seeing you again!!
Go on enjoying, and see you in a week.

singaporedream said...

szewei: nice to know u are viewing and checking on my blog. sorry for the broken english. i always fail my english spelling test in primary school. i had made the correction, in bold. was kinabalu hard? no go up nevermind. next time i sit on your helicopter and we go up BBQ.

singaporedream said...

Johan: its so different in Chile and argentina... i got to tell you why when i meet u.

singaporedream said...

Marisol! we will be in viedma earlier than the date, maybe on the 4th dec. will we meet up and see how you work?