Tuesday, November 4, 2008

How to apply for an Uraguay visa

Monday, 3 november, 2008, 8am. woke up on a rainy day thus we did not ride our bike out to the town. our plan was to go south to the Horizons biker meeting in argentina on 4 december. travelling southwards thro Uraguay. from Iguacu, we went to Florinopolis, where i searched the www.embassyworld.com on the detail of the nearest Uraguay embassy.

we reached florinopolis on sat, 1st november 2008 evening. its a rainy weekend and we have to stay indoor at the beach. what a day!

how to apply:
1st, go to the embassyworld.com website and find the address of the embassy.
2) got the address? yes? key into google map and print out on paper to navigate.
3) use the address to key into google earth to get the geographical position, use it in my GPS.
4) on the day of excuation, its a rainy day. so we took a bus, showing the address to the bus driver and see if he nod his head. after 20 minutes of waiting for the second bus, the driver finally nod his head.
5) after 10 minutes of bus ride, the bus arrived at the terminal. he said i have to take bus number 330. ok... i went to bus 330, show the bus conductor the address. he nod his head which means this bus will go to this location. we confidently seat on the bus.
6) with reference from my GPS, after 15 minutes of bus ride the bus passed by the embassy. the conductor did not hint me to disembark. so i trusted him to seat on longer on the bus.
7) after 20minutes of ride, i show him the address again. he shoke his sholder, hinting me that he dont know the address. he just said: wait a moment.

im not gonna wait anymore! the bus is moving furthur and further. the time is getting later and later. our stomach is getting more and more hungry! im not going to wait for him to do magic. i knew the embassy is far far away from here. i knew the location better than him.

8) we get off the bus. went to the opposit direction to take a similar bus back to the same route. we disembarked at my sense of navigation, with the help of my GPS. sam and i walk under the drizzling rain, with empty stomach, not very long, about 2km. we reached the address. its a residental place. the owner told me that the Uraguay embassy has moved to Rua rio banco. i have to take a yellow bus outside to go.

9) we walked to the main road. waited for a yellow bus and there we go again... not knowing our destination.
10) as we were on the bus, we looked out for the street name 'rua rio banco'. BINGO. we saw it and got off. but which direction. i just make a guess.
11) not knowing the exect location.... we just walk and asked a taxi driver where is the Uraguay embassy. he hinted us 387. with this number, we thought it is the house number.
12) yes! bingo! we got to the embassy! it's about 3 hours since we left the guest house.
13) the receptionist help me to fill in the visa application for a singaporean to enter uraguay for tourisum. its all in spanish. she did not speak a word of english. its difficult for me.
14) she hand me back the passport and say the application takes 7 days to 1 month for approval. then they will call my guest house when the visa is ready.

what does it means? i have to stay in florinopolis for 7-30 days to wait for the approval? its about S$80 per day for our living expenses. so... what will you do if you are in my shoe???

point the middle finger to her and say thank you.

i guess embassy always do recipocal. what singapore does to people of uraguay that is coming to singapore, uraguay will do the same to the people of singapore. sick! not really nice holding to a singapore passport.

we are not going to uraguay!


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Hi there,

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Iv (Singapore)

singaporedream said...

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