Monday, February 25, 2008

some intresting places along the way

10 feb 2008. at Agra, we found this hotel, we request 2 pitch at tent as it was only 100IRP (S$3.80) per night and we are allowed to use the toilet and shower. it's where the famous Taj Mahal is where people all over the world came to see the number one world heritage. we are sleeping in a 4 degrees celcius condition at night!

TJMHL on my hands. we are not allowed to take pictures inside the main tomb. i heard that some of the thumbs of the workers have been amputated because they do not want a repeated perfection to be made again.
Entrance fee was 750IRP SGD$28.57 per person and we cannot take pictures? we took a auto rickshaw (175IRP) to the rear of the Taj to get a better view.the visitors at Taj were standing there to take pictures at our site where they paid to appricate our view. hee..
road the state of rajastan border.

14 Feb 2008. we are at Jaipur, the biggest city of Rajastan. so called the pink city.

17 Feb 2008, we reached Pushkar, the holy village of Rajastan. we met intresting traveller along the way and watch the sunrise together. this is a vegetarian village. no meat. no alcholo. guess what, i found a beer shop just outside this holy village just less than 1km away. in 3pm, the locals are already drunk there!
this teaman sell tea on his mobile shop. when he is on move, he would put the pedestal and the whole tray on the head, making the overall height of 4 the morning, they would come to this lake to pray and bath.(Left to right) Marthar (spain), Sam, Gary (UK) and a Korean couple joined us as they reached Pushkar at 5am in the dark and cold morning where no one is on the road, searching for a place to stay. we accompanied them along with the sunrise. along with them is Gary on the same bus.
nice friends all over the world and she's from Argentina. the night was so fun chatting at roof top as i forgot to ask her name. sorry my friend. if you see this please do tell us your name. she was brave! she travelled alone!my first engine oil change for Hope Too.

so near only? along highway 8, this is a very unique road marker promoting the village of Deogarh.

N 25deg 33.105'


19 Feb 2008, the place where octopussy was filmed. Udaipur. we had a romantic sunset boat ride in the lake.
City Palace nearing sunset.
This is where the Maharaja lived.
along the boat ride in the evening, before sun totally sets and the moon rises above the City Palace.
the famous lake palace hotel at night
at the guest house , the entance to the parking lot fits exactly Hope Too's side panniers.
we often cook our own meal in the guest house to save $.

along someway to Jodhpur, we got off track from the main highway and it rewarded us with very intresting road. Discovery!

21 Feb 2008. Johdpur was named the blue city. it's amazing fort has convinced us for a really worth of a visit! it has a audio tour guide. it's one of the finest fort that we have ever visited.

with us was the owner of the guest house, sunrise guest house. great parking. good people. nice room. worth the $$$! call mr prakash or mr anil at 09828272031 or email" anilsunriseguesthouse@yahoo.commr Prakash is only 28 years old! i think he is a bollywood star.

this magic carpet, at Jalsalmer. should we buy one back for uncle dickk?along the way to Jalsalmer. desert highway.

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