Thursday, February 28, 2008

at last few days in India.

at last, we reached amritsar. going to visit the famous golden temple 2morow. it's in the state of Punjab. all singh here. it's the center for the Sikh.

N 31deg 38.019'
E074deg 52.613'

u guys back at home must be very comfortable, sitting behind the moniter reading this with a glass of beer, thinking of tomorrow's work stuff. over here, we are thinking how to survive in Pakistan with the current situation now. bombing everywhere. i will see how it goes. it will not be an easy task in pakistan right now for us but we will be going there in 3 days time. we are lodging at the border now, hoping to recive more news.


Biking Nomad said...

My parents are travelling to Pakistan next week as well. They might bump into you on the road! (But they're not on a bike though.)

I have some clients I work with from banks in Pakistan and they tell me things are quite calm now.

But you probably need to stay alert and pay attention to the road when heading towards North pakistan.

Biking Nomad

singaporedream said...

thanks BN. u have been following our trip closely. my command of english is not very good as we are just very normal singaporean. here today, other than my friends, only u and pplater follows my blog. things are fine agt Punjab. the sikh are one of the nicest ppl we met. i gonna post some of my truely feelings on my blog. u work in a bank? not knowing u personally, can we communicate thro email? send to we need ur expertise on our blog.

david said...

Don't worry, i'm also keep track of your blog frequently..

singaporedream said...

hi david. thank you for following our blog. may i know how do u get to know our trip?

johnny chua said...

yo! my dear bro we are all proud of u . johnny (go lou lan )