Monday, February 25, 2008

jalsalmer! great desert safari on camel!

we had the 2 days one night camel safari at the royal Thar desert. rajastan. i believe it's the nearest desert from singapore. sand are so find and untouched. sand dunes left over are the best to apprciate.

the camel man is nice. the tour operator at our hotel is nice because he is a great businessman, man of his word. Hope Too is there without us for a night and when we are back, we found Hope Too sleeping at his rest spot peacefully. thank god nothing has happened to it.

the Arabian night was the best in the night. sleeping with just thick blanket provided on the sand, 4 inches above our eye level is the stars. it's so close and so clear. we laid down peacefully on the cool sand counting stars.
later the next day we went to the famouse Sam desert to watch the beautiful sunsetting into the sea of sand. camel riding can be tiring to your arse but it's fun and rewarding. knowing the behaviour of the camel is intresting.
can you see my location?mr amar and his assistance prepared our dinner. fire was started by the dry twigs collected easily by the nearby bushes. dishwasing liquid is not popular in the desert survival, instead, sand is used to clean the utensis and then rinsed with a bit of water.


Biking Nomad said...

nice to see the smiles returning!

Sorry, i've just managed to check back after some time. Totally swamped with work!

But glad you're living out the dream! I'd love to chuck the work and get on my steed and meet you in India.

About the mapping, i'd recommend google maps too. But i don't think its as good as google earth to trace your jounrey. But this could be cumbersome on your journey. Or maybe u want to send your waypoints to a friend who can help to update your journey every now and then.

I'd volunteer to help but I don't really know how to maximise the technology. But really, if you're enjoying the ride and this will bog u down, don;t bother.

We're just the kay-poh audience seeking vicarious thrills!

Ride to travel,
Biking Nomad

brifusg said...

Fantastic pictures! I love them all.