Saturday, January 12, 2013

Uttaradit to Chiangmai

Lazy morning, waking up late at Uttaradit, we had a great adventure visiting this untouristy town. We head that the 'Khao Phan' is very authentic in Uttaradit. Gladly, the sweet hotel receptionist felt great because she is finally able to practice her English by speaking to us. She recommended us to this Khao Phan place:

N17 37.422 E100 05.263

nice food, nice owner. we enjoyed the host. 

 and again, M-Technik provided Hope 2.0 technical support. Thank you.

 It was cooling on highway 11 to Chiang Mai. The road cuts thro mountain and green. not much traffic.

 Group of cyclist from China, Nanjing, tried to stop us by shouting, to ask for direction. We stopped because we thought someone was injured and they were crying and shouting. They just want to ask for direction to Chiang Mai's old city. We could witness many Chinese traveller in Chiangmai.

The only reason for us to come here is to meet Andrea and Thomas, Dr Greg Fraizer, and also for the Horizonsunlimited mini meeting at Rider's Corner.

This time, we were invited to do a presentation for our 2 and half years round the world trip but we did not want to do it. Anyway, we enjoyed more of the friend's company and the beer, and making new friends. We were the only Asian biker in this meeting.

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