Sunday, January 20, 2013

Made some new friends.

Leaving Luang Prabang after 1 night was a right choice. the atmosphere was too holiday mood and we might need to stay for a week. Anyway, Luang Prabang is just a tourist rest stop for us to see the touristy stuff. Not our type of travel.

We wanted to head to Phosavan. Locals told us that it will take about 10 hours. we tried our best to reach before dark. On a main turnoff, a place called Phou Khoun/Phu Khun, we asked the local about the time to reach Phosavan. Note that we asked in time, not distance. 

Counting forward, we will only be at Phosavan after dark. 

#1 Rule: no riding in the dark.

We decide to stay in this humble little town, in this humble little room overlooking the Laos Mountain.

Room with shared bathroom: S$7.50

Location: N19.43925, E102.42741.

Parking in the 'lobby' for 1 big bike only.

We decided to visit local market for food near the main junction of the town after seeing some foreigners hanging out at a local eatery/restaurant.

After a walk, we met some locals having a gathering. they invited us for a beer and some food. After dark, they invited us to a friend's place for private party and a taste of Laos Karaoke.

Ah Dah, our new friend, could speak good Mandarine. He is a Lao - Chinese translator working for the road department. He told us that normal salary of a local is US$50. His revealed his pay to be much higher than the rest. Much. 

We escaped deadly Lao Sticky Rice wine. Ah Dah showed us the trick on the escape plan.

 Interesting night, indeed. They taught us the Lao dance, we taught them the Gangnam dance.

Plain of Jars at Phosavan is just plain of jars. It was one of Sam Leong's dream to ride to this place. Yes, we brought him here.

Time is a little tight for us. we are not able to make it to cambodia anymore. will try some interesting route tomorrow and see what will happen.

Hope 2.0 might be too heavy for Laos.

We plan to leave Phosavan via Muang Khoun, taking route 10 to Paksan. in between, on the map, it says:

Attention! In rainy season, the road close. No bridge or boat.

we might exit Laos from Paksan, Thakhek, Savannakhet or Pakse (last chance).

We are at N19.45062 E103.21877 but heart is in Singapore.

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