Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rejected at border entry, 180 minutes north of Nan.

on the way to Huai Kon border @ Thailand.

At the Thailand side, the official had advised us that it is not possible for us to cross using motorcycle. that was the instruction from the Laos border. But we managed to convinced him that we want to try. he said ok, if Laos say ok, then u come back and i will stamp the exit for you.

we went to this gate. figuring out who to look for. the guard see that i do not have any exit stamp from the thai side, rejected us straight away. I told him we want to get info here if we can cross with our motorbike.

then, there comes a well english spoken man. he said, last time not possible, now it is possible. now you go and get all your documents done.

we were so happy. went back to thailand and the officer gave us the exit stamp.

we went back to this gate and park.

went into the office and the uniformed officials said no. we tried to convince him with all methods, even told him that his guy said we are able to cross, thats why we came.

we went to look for that guy. ended up, knowing more, he is just a shipping agent that knows nothing.

we have to go back to thailand and get our exit stamp cancelled.

will have to travel another 7 hours to the next border.

Nan province is one of the nicest route that Thailand has. Not as polluted as Mae Hong Song, as every biker wants to go. Nan is fresh, tourist free, beautiful landscape, nice curvy roads, chilling mountains and interesting people. It was an adventure even we were being rejected, we got some other rewards.

Recommended! i mean the province, not the border.

By chance, we managed to stay in this cottage. About S$14.28 with WIFI.
N19 33.827 E100 18.110

And found a very good place to eat local food. 
N19 32.274 E100 17.961

thats it for a night. it was first time that Samantha would visit Laos tomorrow, if we are allowed to enter.

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Andrea said...

nice report...let us know how Samantha liked Laos as it was her first time... we actually are in PP in Cambodia right now, having had some beers with Dave last night and probably will have tonight and tomorrow before he heads back to KCM :-)thanks for sharing your trip with us, best of wishes,Andrea and Thomas