Thursday, January 10, 2013

day 1 - 4 lodging guide.

Just a lodging guide....

Day 1, had a late packing schedule. packing for 3 weeks is the same for 3 years. gosh, got to settle our work.

we set off 7am from home and is the first time traveling North South Highway in the day time. the view is really different.

for the Hatyai experts, the Sadao border crossing close from 12 midnight till 6am daily.

still can't escape Hatyai, we stayed here for a night. after going round, all the lodging were really expensive!

Day 2: something interesting. we only travelled 450km and settled at a beach.

N9 34.753 E99 12.387

300B, fan with mosquito.

We realized that the general Thai people are very polite. we did not hear much road users using their horn and they are very cool and patient driver. The young boy, about 10 years old behaved very mature towards us.

Day 3 to Kanchanaburi, to where we went on our very first trip in 2005.

 Jolly Frog Backpackers was a nice place, filled with white people of all ages. The older ones might be the war veterans. The young ones, party goers.

150B for non-aircon with share bathroom.
200B for non-aircon with bathroom.
park within compound.
WIFI depend on luck.
nice garden.
N14 01.949 E99 31.225
I notice the Thai people here, in this hostel is very different, not so polite. Even business is good, they should maintain their courtesy and Thai culture. It is not uncommon to see an old white guy to hang out with a dark looking lady.

The stretch of backpacker's place is becoming like the ah-gogo street.

What amused us was that the Thai here spoke Mandarine because there were many visitors from China!

 See the picture difference? taken 2013 and 2005.

We didn't plan much on the exact place that we will go and must visit. we plan along the way.

 This junction is like a center of asia:

To Vientiane, Laos is 509km
To Danang, Vietnam is 1010km
To Kunming, China is 1460km
To Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is 1840km.

A Suzuki GSX R1000 motorbike cost 790,000B (S$32244.00)
A Toyota Hilux cost 625,000B (S$25510.00)

 Not knowing, we stayed at Uttaradit town. Seldom, bikers will come here because there is not much special tourist attraction. It is very cool in the evening. Not much traffic in the town. We were lucky to stay in a good hotel, yes, HOTEL for 400B.

N17 37.745 E100 06.076

Hotel name? i dunno....

We were very lucky because we met Phraya Phichai Dap Hak and Red Cross Fair is organized to commemorate the heroic deeds of Phraya Phichai during 7–16 January every year at Phraya Phichai Dap Hak Stadium. There are the Provincial Red Cross Centre’s booths selling products, traditional and cultural performances, various forms of entertainment and a ceremony to worship Phraya Phichai Dap Hak. (

 there were 'ti-kam' games to play, like the fun fair in Singapore that ended in the 90's.

Food and food, this is the freshest 'som-tam' we ate with the fresh prawn and crab!

And this too.... 

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