Thursday, December 22, 2011

R-rated movie on Singapore home TV

I noticed there is a new religion within everybody.

Most family has the altar in their house, usually in the living room.

They believe what the god in the altar is preaching and everyone practices what this religion tell them to do, think or behaves.

But many do not know that this religion is being backed up by businesses.

it is the TV.

People pray their soul to the TV and believe what the TV says.

The news on TV shows bomb explosion in middle east countries, indirectly it is telling us something.

The TV has shows of famous actor using and talking about some product, indirectly it is telling us something.

The TV series shows broken family, children suicide and some other sad drama cases. Indirectly it is telling us that it is normal.

Mr X says: why did you scold your maid?

Mrs Y said: you never watch the TV? if I don't scold the maid, she will be ... and ...

Now, most movies and TV series are being sponsored by enterprises. Be it educational or not. Example, in Singapore, there is a telecast: Crime Watch. I think it is good as it has educational purpose. It is supported by the relevant enterprise to help crime prevention. Then, there is variety shows being backed up by large supermarket chain, telling everyone that they are doing well.

All I want to tell you is that there are agendas behind our TV show.

One same story, can appear in 2 different views, depending if it appears on




it's how they present one story to the viewer, it depend on how they want you should think.

This program is backed up by a furniture enterprise:

This program is backed up by some renovation company:

This one back by some travel related company:

it is the independency of the media company. do you know why Al Jazeera news is not avalible in Singapore? they have very good view on matters and do not side any party. I'm not sure whey they are not avalible on TV, even on our cables.

I must say our Singapore Media has done a very good job, at least there are no R-rated movie after 11pm.

Can I add the word 'free' before the word 'R-rated'?

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