Monday, December 19, 2011

IPPT, National Service in Singapore

I went to IPPT last Saturday with Tan Chong Wei and Vernon at Maju Camp.

IPPT = Individual Physical Proficiency Test

It is a compulsary test for all male citizen that is still eligible for national service.

for the past 10 years since I ended my full time national service of 2 years, I had always achived a silver award for the test until last Saturday.

Some of you may think that you have not even have the chance to pass. It's ok. All I want to tell you is that health is degrading if you don't keep it up.

My first test station was the shutter run. In order to get the silver award, I have to hit 10.7 seconds and below. I tried 2 times and the best was 10.8 seconds.

After that, I feel dizzy and wanted to vomit.

That was my very first time that I have such feeling.

I almost wanted to give up after hearing much news about some young and energetic people collapse and died after doing exercise.

Vernon and Tan was encouraging. We knew each other since 1999 and had been together for the worst scenario. You really know a person's character when trouble comes. Example, a group of friends gather and meet for a meal. Everyone is very hungry. yes, something like 11pm and still waiting for dinner. once dinner is served, you can see who is rushing to grab the food for themselves first. Yes, those are the ones that is going to die and think of themselves. For the past decade, I have been observing friends around me. Vernon and Tan are there. it's tough during the training but they persisted helping each other first before themselves.

There are lots of story that I want to tell about my times during the 2 years full time national service. I think it will be better for my friends to tell you about me, maybe they can publish a book about me.

What I think about them? well, next year will be end of our service. It will be for me to see and for you to judge. Maybe after reading our story, you would encourage us to continue our service till 45 years old together since we enjoyed it so much.

Sorry I can't post any picture here... this is highly sensitive... I am staying in Singapore. I am being watched over.

just want to share my feelings with you.