Thursday, December 22, 2011

Our best Christmas gift In Singapore

We are really proud of our friend, Kevin and EiEi. They are able to teach her 4 years old daughter to learn the difference between

What is 'want'


what is 'need'.

When we go to the $2.00 shop, many times we see things that is really cheap and tell ourselves:

so cheap, buy first, keep at home, you don't know when you are going to use it. If you never buy and when is needed, then you have to come back here again.

At this time, I would apply their theory 'want/need'. 

Buy 1 pant for $59.90 and get 50% for the second item on the same purchase. It's really cheap but, do we really want it or do we really need it?

When things are needed, we would spend the effort to get it, no matter how much it cost. Be it expensive, be it far away or be it needed to queue up for because something is needed.

What about something that I wanted? That is for Christmas or some other festive season. If you go to the shopping mall, the Christmas tune makes you want to buy things. You receive letters at your mailbox telling you the best gift to buy for you loved ones. Will you be emotionally moved by it? Me not.

Christmas is just a date for us, a fixed date to meet our loved ones. No matter how busy we are, we will keep this day for them. Having a feast and gift exchange is secondary.

So, make a point now, don't get influenced by the Christmas mood at shopping mall. You are strong enough to resist that. Your loved ones are thinking of you.

Think about how many people had loved you when you are a cute baby and an adorable young boy/girl. They are the ones! 

Don't cry when they leave the world one day because life is not eternal. Cherish them when they are around.

The best Christmas gift is an iphone 7?

Start sharing with everyone about what is 'want' and what is 'need'.

Happy holidays and don't drink and drive, it is dangerous, not because you will get fined!

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