Tuesday, December 6, 2011

HTC phone, Fujitsu Laptop, Brother Printer : Singapore

I had a Brother MFC-6490CW.

It can scan A3 paper.

It is an all in one printer.

When we came back from RTW, one of my industry partner advise me to buy this because he only had a A4 paper scanner, so he can use mine to scan. But after a while, he was ahead of me and maybe forgotten about me. So this $550 printer is left here for collecting dust.

We still can use it for other purpose, we tried our best to love this machine.

There is a warrantee of 1 year. We contacted Brother Printer and Fax and the technician came down. They could service and replace parts for us for free because the problem of this machine was raised within 1 year of purchase.

After diagnosing, the technician told us that it's the printer head.

I asked why would the printer head be faulty?

'maybe there is dust...so you should always open this, this, then this to clean with this this and this. But you see our term and condition, within 1 year, replacement for parts is free except for this list of item, that include the printer head.'

That is a fine print on the terms and conditions!

But Brother Singapore is on good will to replace this for free if you purchase 3 color ink from us today at S$XX.XX.

Well, overall, I must say that the machine is taking up time and space in my house.

Remember I told you about the Fujitsu incident that happened last year?

We went to repair my Fujitsu laptop in Singapore when we came back.

We bought it just for our round the world trip.
It had been a very good traveling laptop.
We bought Fujitsu because they have #1 WORLD WIDE WARRANTY!!!
The specification is the same as the other brand we wanted to buy but the other brand is 30% cheaper and do not have WORLD WIDE WARRANTY.

 #2 Fujitsu provide free 1 year WORLD WIDE WARRANTY 3 years LOCAL WARRANTY.

When we were in Brazil, Sao Paulo, something went wrong with my laptop.
We need to wait about a week to get a reply from singapore to know were can we sent in our laptop for servicing since it is still within the 1 year WORLD WIDE WARRANTY. Yes, after one week, we got the right person to talk to and the nearest place to sent the laptop is USA! we have to ship the laptop to USA?! no thanks.

This is what they call WORLD WIDE WARRANTY.

When we come back, we went to the Fujitsu servicing center at Funan Center to resolve the problem of our laptop that had been bothering us for the last 2 and half years.

The laptop is still under the 3 years LOCAL WARRANTY.

Friends, do not think that warranty is everything is FOC. We have to pay S$80++ to the company just to let them have a look at the laptop that they sold me 2 and half years ago, then i have to wait almost 1 month for a part to arrive in order to get it solved. When the part arrive, I have to hang around Funan for 5 hours to wait for them to repair.

We must compliment HTC Singapore.

Samantha had some issue with her HTC Desire S mobile phone. She called up HTC and they were able to come to our house to pick it up. We were not comfortable about giving our phone to someone so we went to the customer care center at No. 1, Harbour Front Ave, #01-06 Keppel Bay Tower.
It was a wait and the phone was taken in with some question asked and form filling. They say the repair will take about 3-5 working days. We went back.

In the end they did not keep their promise. Instead of 3-5 working days, the phone was sent back to our house within 2 working days and it was 100% repaired.

HTC Care Singapore did a good job!

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