Monday, April 25, 2011

Nicole Seah (佘雪玲) enlighten me. boyfriend? No nude photos.

No many people have awakened from life until one sees and experience.

I had been a gladful person. Thanking everything that I had. After traveling 2 and half years with my wife on a motorcycle around the world, we had seen many of injustice and conspiracy. What is the root of the problem?

Every citizen is only a chess on the board. When the player needs to win the game, they do not mind sacrificing the soldier, even a queen on the chessboard. Look at September 11. It woke me up by looking into my own country’s political landscape.

With Internet, we made the world smaller. Somehow, I got to know many member of parliament were involved in public projects for their own business. How did they get the business with the government? Many were appointed as board of directors in listing company.

In ancient China, politicians were chosen because they want to serve people and they are filial. Now, are we living in the capitalism era? Every concern is about GDP, wealth of a nation, making sure revenue is on the up side, ships coming to our port will have benefit to us, casino is not creating social issue, creating jobs for xxx country because we want to do business with them and $,$,$. All about $.

Who is looking after our health care?

Who is looking after our retirement?

Why has our education system has become ‘like that’, that had created the strawberry generation.

When did Singaporean have a share in profit of the nation’s natural resources: PSA.

Does freedom has a price to pay? Is everyone happy?

Where is transparency of decision makers?

Why is the media controlled?

How do we treat our Muslim community in Singapore?

Do we have a thinking space by living in a 3 roomed flat?

How has public housing made affordable?

Does the government/policy maker accept critics?

Does citizen has a voice in policymaking or do we have to go under our ‘boss’ to speak during the parliament?

We are not racist. Why do we need to fill in the ‘race’ column when we go for interview?

Ain’t we wanted to be the Switzerland of Asia?

The list goes on…

1) The opposition party must not be named as opposition party. The media must give them a new name like: Supporting party or something. Opposition is a negative word. Why would want to be voting for the negative side?

2) The media must do a show about reality and myth. Some people believe that one that has not voted for the main party, their name will be blacklisted. It is a myth. Some believes that once the zone/GRC is not under the main party, renovation works or transportation upgrading to the property will be last on the list. This is a myth.

3) Media media media. It’s always hard to tackle them but they are the best weapons if we know how to use them. How are they going to report to their boss about their coverage? (BTW, if you know, we had rejected a few media interview because they are not going to report the positive side of what we did).

What agenda does the nominee and the party has. Even that the nominee has a strong point to fix the policy, the party may but the agenda by the side.

So, every nominee has a convincing message to convey.

When we were in Brasil, Sao Paulo, there were having elections. The nominees spend so much money making balloons, giving pamphlets and doing up events. Knowing that in big cities there were many young voters, one nominee told everyone if he is being voted, he will implement the free WIFI in every corner of the city. Many young adults were inspired by this proposal and were ready to vote for him.

At then, we were staying with Simone and her kind mum. We witness her mum, now 76 years old, counseling a young relative on why he should not vote on the ‘WIFI’ nominee.

More about Simone’s mum at

Please choose your vote wisely. Think of the big picture and the long road ahead, not for the next 5 years or the $800 that had solved your recent mobile phone bills. I am not here for any party. I really hope these nominees put ethic into first bef

ore oneself.

Good luck Singapore.

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