Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bandits, thieves and conman in Singapore?

Are there bandits, thieves and conman in Singapore?

I wanted to register a domain name for a new website for my company with singnet. the name was avalible when i register. some days later, they tell me it's not avalible anymore. i checked that someone has registered it some time after i register. that someone is a web hosting company, then this web host company wants offer to sell or rent me the name.

I felt unjustified and wanted to file a compliant to the authority. call the police? i bet not. there is an agency appointed by the singapore government that does domain name dispute.

guess what? i have to pay a S$2750 to file a complaint against these bad user.

It's feels like reporting a case to the police station and we have to pay a fee first. In the end, nobody will go and report case to the police and the national statistic shows that crime rate is ZERO!

What the world is this?!

I prepared an email to The Secretariat of Singapore Domain Name Dispute Resolution Service but i gave up after knowing about the charges involved!

Singapore Domain Name Dispute Resolution Service
c/o The Singapore Mediation Centre
1 Supreme Court Lane
Level 4
Singapore 178879
(65) 6332 4366 (office)
(65) 6333 5085 (fax)

Or email us at:

Dear Sir / Madam,

Conflict of registration of domain name.

I am the owner of a landscaping company based in Singapore, ABC Landscape Services and has been in the landscaping business since 2006.

When I decided to register a domain name for my company’s website, status of the domain name was being searched being available thus I proceed with the registration. Later, I got a reply from Singnet that it became unavalible and it was being registered by another NON-Landscaping company (Orange xxx Pte Ltd) at the instant of my registration. Then, I was offered by Orange xxx Pte Ltd to buy over the domain name $3000-$5000, or I can rent from them. The offer was again pursued to me today and hereby I seek a dispute resolution from you.

Thank you.

The details of the process and correspondences as follows:

27 March 2011, I log in to Singnet to register a domain name: and at the search of the time, Singnet prompted me that the domain name is avalible, thus I proceed with the online registration and I was required to fax a copy of organization's documentation, such as Certificate from Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) or International Enterprise (IE) Singapore to Singnet, and I have to quote the reference on the fax:

I did not get any email from singnet after I applied on line.

28 March 2011, 1500hrs, I emailed to Singnet:

Hi, i have registered to get the domain:

In order for you to process the domain application, we are required to fax us a copy of your organization's documentation, such as Certificate from Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) or International Enterprise (IE) Singapore.

at this moment, can we email you the soft copy as we do not have a fax?

thank you

I did not get any reply after that.

30 March 2011, 1304hrs, I faxed over the required documents to Singnet: 68732537.

On 30 March 2011, 1747hrs, I recived an email from singnet:

Dear Sir/Mdm,

We regret to inform you that while processing your application, your domain name is no longer available. From Sgnic website,




Creation Date: 28-Mar-2011 11:38:31

Expiration Date: 28-Mar-2012 11:38:31

Domain Status: OK

Thank you.


SingNet Registrar

SingNet Hostmaster(covering)


30 March 2011, 2019 hrs, I managed to call up +65.93435388 from Orange xxx PTE LTD and a guy named Vincent offered to sell me the domain name

2 April 2011 1640, Vincent called up again that he wants to rent me the domain name.

So, shall i call 999?


Anonymous said... its just too general/common to be a website name.


Now lets see if Vincent have the balls to swallow this?


Anonymous said...

well it is an easy name to remember, on this level. It is an apparent loophole that enables scams to take place... gosh..

singaporedream said...

thank you guys!
dualcircles: can u elaborate more?

Anonymous said...

Well, i'm just saying. The guy probably has a software running just to select those people who want to register domain names.

And I'm pretty sure you are not the first one.

It's like bidding for a car number plate, instead, you know a rich guy is going to buy 8888 because he just announced so. But he "jumps" the queue (cheating/loophole), and u gotta buy from him instead.

Since such "scams" are relatively new, I'm not sure there are laws to protect us!

CY said...

Basically this is a fact of life in the competitive world of SiNCity.

Why not go to other webhosts and get domain names with all u can get? eg: .net .info .whatever_simi_sai ?

I have to agree that it makes the coy unique to have a .sg, but then, basic idea is to have your coy known in the digital world.

Don't forget a free and valuable resource as well. FACEBOOK!
It reaches out to more people than you think it could/should.
U will be surprised at how phenomenal it is.