Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thanks mum.

Today is Chua Siang Keng's 8 year anniversary for gaining freedom from this earth.

We managed to find her diary below her bed during her funeral.

It became my bible and motto, on how i should lead my life.

The original copy has been destroyed by my dad.

Luckily i managed to photocopy many of it and gave it to my uncle and auntie. Also, now i had scanned a copy.

I decided to publish i my book that i am going to work on.

Last Sunday, sis and dad insisted me to go to my mum's cemetery for prayers due to the chinese 'qing ming' festival, which the descendants has to go to the graveyard to 'remember' the dead relatives. it was a sunday. I went just to go, just to satisfy others. there was a huge congestion. i decided to make a U-turn. there is no meaning to do such visit.

Respect the dead? Not really. Some culture burn paper made product like shoes, clothing, cars to the dead relatives, thinking that they lived in another world now and would need such things to survive. In fact, it is just for the living family to have a chance to gather and remember the dead.

Well, only Samantha, my dad and I went. Anyway, in the end, all 3 of us went to a special place to have lunch and have a nice time together. I treasure that.

Thanks mum: Mdm Chua Siang Keng, that had brought us up.

23 Aug 1950 - 19 Apr 2003.

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