Monday, April 12, 2010

Same shit different day?

Mr Caruso.

Sam (the one with pink gloves)

picking white zucchini with bucket

our cosy room... 100 times better than our tent.


On Easter day, Mr Caruso organized a seafood BBQ treat for all of us. the seafood that he bought were top quality which we will never affort buy, like prawns that cost a$45/kg.

tables for the bbq and the green bin for zucchini packing.

Mr Caruso cooking for us on Easter Day.


Fresh garlic prawn.

Our wash basin at home. the blue bucket is to contain water for washing. the left tap is very hot water and right tap is for decorative purpose.

Preparing for the week's meal.

We went to Bendigo's shopping center and saw this buddha head with a rubbish bin.

At Bendigo.

We went to stock up food with Yuki, Liang, Long, Lai and Kwang.

Going out to buy food in the night.

We have to drive 25km to the nearest supermarket.

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