Thursday, April 22, 2010

Grampians National Parks and Great Ocean Road

west entrance.
Too tired to walk to another light house, again. Taking the picture from this position also looked all right.

A strange building along the highway. Reckon it's somebody's house.

East entrance.

Hope Too was barely coping with the great ocean road as the weight pulls down us when there is a slight slope and the curves were too tight for this buffolo. I had to use very low gear to drag this buffolo up the slope and push for the corners. Hope Too is still on holiday mode.

Strangely: when we were riding in New South Wales and Queensland, not much folks came to talk to us. Once we left Swan Hill to the south, everybody that passed us would say a few words of greeting and ask about our trip. Is it because people in the south are more friendly because of cool weather as compared to people living in the hot and humid areas?

Grampians National Parks: one of the very few only mountain in Victoria.

For the first half hour of riding, after resting for 3 months, we were met many hitchhikers along the road. When they saw Hope Too, they would just want to dash across the road without giving the 'thumbs direction', hoping to get a free ride from Lake Boga to Grampians National Park. Too many of them. Some hopped on without saying a word.
Some hitchhikers did not made it to their destination safely.

Tips for hitch hiking: find a good seat first.

Some of them got to their destination. These are the hitch hikers that found a good seat.
My boots was not spared.

I guess this guy must be dizzy after reaching his destination. He chose to be on the wheel.

They really stinks! It was our 'first day of ride' and Hope Too stinks like shit. the stain that they left on the radiator was heated. I smells like putting them on the oven. What to do? it's the locust breeding season in north Victoria.

They were the ones that made it to the park.

The view in Port Fairy.

Beautiful falls (autumn).


wuguidan said...

Those hitchhikers really fierce. So many of them. Were you riding and dodging them at the same time? Lol.

singaporedream said...

yes and they stink, esp on the heated engine. the smell last for about 1 week on us,