Thursday, April 22, 2010

saying goodbye again

Doggie only have 1 friend, thats me. If you see her facebook, her only friend is me!

my best friend, Doggie and the pigs. i'm gonna miss doggie.

Ailoon cutting my hair... this hairstyle should last me till singapore.

The big family too...

The 'family'.

Diane, a taxi driver, drove us in the night, 25km in the dark back to our farm house. she is very brave. she just divorced with her husband that is staying with his girlfriend and right now, Diane had to feed her 4 children.

Ruru giving us a treat at a local hotel.

This lady is 71 years old and yet, she come out in the night and go around asking for donation in the town, for the salvation army.

anybody know what is this plant? it is illegal in singapore to grow this.

It was really hard to say good bye with the good friends we made and lived together for the past 3 months. we don't know if we will meet again. Like to thank Mickey Goh for the support in the work, like to thank Guido Caruso for giving us a chance and like to thank Yao, Tiff, Kang and RuRu for all the love, kindness and forgiveness in us.
we shall meet again!


PaLmEr said...

ooo Pot!

Anonymous said...

the plant looks like cannabis! illegal!!