Sunday, March 28, 2010

Animals in Australia.

when you hear the word Australia, you will think of 2 animals:

the Kangaroo:

Will usually appear during dusk or dawn. they do not observe traffic rules. Mathias once witness 3 Kangaroos crossing a road while a car came. the Car nearly hit the 1st Kangaroo that cross the road by a few meters. the 2nd Kangaroo, that was following the 1st Kangaroo, was dead. the 3rd Kangaroo, that was following the 2nd Kangaroo, crossed the road after the car had passed the first 2. How did the 2nd Kangaroo died?

while crossing the road, it hit the side of the moving car.

and the Koala bear.

You would definately see these 2 animals if you visit any Australia zoo. Some zoo also offer a hug to the Koala bear.

Do not try to hug a Koala Bear when you see in the wild. those are not like the ones you see in the picture where a tourist hugging it. Koala has sharp claws and if you observe the eucalyptus tree that it had just climbed, there were many marks on the trunk. those Koala Bears in the zoo were well trained and used to human, like the Orang Utan in Singapore being train to eat breakfast like human.

frogs? toads?

there were alot of them in queensland. i saw this guy in the house sink. We followed Steve to stay at John's house for 2 nights. In the night, i tried to walk in the dark to the kitchen to wash my cups. i only had a small torch light. then i touched somethig where the texture and stiffness doesn't feel like any cutlery. I shine the torch around and saw the above picture. it was a cool one because when i push that guy into the washing sink, it just slide down and didn't struggle much or jumped off to escape the game. COOL!

We went night watch with Steve in Paul's property. hmm, i'm not sure what is the name of this animal.


they look like skinny dogs that had not eaten for months but farm owners in queensland would sure gun them down in their property. The would eat up their herd and even their house dogs. The Dingos are most famous to be in Frazier Island where tourist go there to enjoy the sand. Sometimes these tourist would feed these 'poor hungry dogs' because they looked skinny and couldn't tell the difference between a dog and a dingo. As a eco system is disturbed by the tourist, the dingos get lazy to hunt for their own food and rely on human feedings. When there are no human feedings, they would go to camp ground and racksack the tents for food. when they see human they would expect food from us but if we resist, they would get aggressive. there were cases were dingos had killed little kids. Right now in Frazier Island, situation are getting better as the park rangers would educate the tourist about dingos.
The above pictures are taken live from our camera through our journey and life, not from the zoo.

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Marisol said...


I loved your report...

I would have paid to see your face Goh, when finding such a "friend" in the dark when thinking about washing a cup... JEEEEEZZZZ!!!

That frog looks absolutely beautiful!

I've just arrived from Madryn. I was there with Daniel visiting Miguel. Of course we had "pollo al disco"!

Big big kiss for you two... Take care and keep in touch!