Thursday, July 16, 2009

Previous pic part 1. The parcel arrived!

the parcel finally arrived from singapore. Heather immideatly drove me to the workshop although she is very tired. I appriciated.

It was Brooks Elliott Cyliner Heads
2311 P Thornton rd, austin, TX.
(512) 442-5454

what he did was:

remove and replace valve guides
hone guides to size
check new valves for run-out
machine valve seats using spec's from repair manual
check spring heights
assemble with new valves and seals.
cost: US$250-350
duration:3 days+

meanwhile, gary help me to hone (brush out excessive material using a spinning machine that cuts) the cylinder to fit the size of the new 0.25 piston ring that we ordered. after a few minute of work, we find that the 0.25 ring is too tight for the current cylinder. a few method we could get the piston ring fixed:

1) continue to hone the cylinder and take out more materials to fit the 0.25 rings and file the end of the rings to specification.
2) order a set of OEM (original) rings from singapore again. (got to wait)
3) purchase a set of OEM rings here in usa but the problem is:

can anyone advise me if the shadow 750 piston ring fits into my bike? my VIN number is JH2RD07A9WM302728

a guy from a motorbike forum left a message for me:

Hi!If you have covered such a high milage with a faulty air filter, probably you will need some new is a simple task, you will just have to deglaze the bore and fit some new rings. When you do that , just replace the valve seals and this should solve your burning oil problems. You can use Honda Shadow 750 rings and valve seals, since both models share those engine components ....and Shadow 750 was widely available in USA market... It is :13011MV1305 for the rings 12208-413-003 for intake valve seals12209-413-003 for exhaust valve sealWorld of Powersports w/ MC MART's 2000 Honda Street Bike VT750C SHADOW Parts Finder this is Honda Shadow in States...Motorbike components for Honda XRV-750-W (G) this is Africa Twin in will notice the same part numbers.. .. good luck..

hmm, tomorrow we will find out more!


dpouwel said...

So sorry i don't realize your PM till this morning:(

check your PM, hopefully you meet him. Good Luck:)

heartache said...

your quote in previous post "summary: we might be back either march 2010 or june 2010. "

wow! this will be like another 9 mths? time (will) fly! unfortunately u'll miz another cny in spore :'( (so goes to say, no angbao for me!!) hahahahaha..... (as on your return, if I know you are gona be back n I am available, I hope I can be there too but think for sure there will be lots of people coming by too - wont be able to get any closer to u for sure!)

ok back on track! hey saw your photos : HOPE on dirt muddy road! nowadays whenever I spotted an AT - be it on the road or parked, made me think of your travel routes! imagine what a ride can bring thoughts of another ride!

keep your stories going!