Monday, July 6, 2009

Clutch system of Hope Too


Anonymous said...

I just finished reading all your blogs from beginning to July 6, 2009. You guys are truly inspirational. I hope that I'll be able to take off and get on the roads one day.

Where are you now? I didn't see any update since July 6, 2009? I hope everything is going well with you two.

Take care.
-Ming @ California -

singaporedream said...

Hi Ming! the blog is just a place to put my hearts into words. u read all my blog from the BEGINNING?! oh, thanks... must have alot of 'singlish' and complains in it. i really hope my story could help more people to achive their dreams regardless of difficulties. u will be able to do it, to achive ur dreams.

we are still in gary house, waiting for the parts to arrive from singapore.

we will update weekly...

thanks again for reading, we appricated.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that you are all well. Yes, I read everything from your 1st page all the way to today. I enjoy it a lot. As you said, traveling is about meeting people and experiencing different culture, that of course includes the good, the bad and the ugly. I can almost feel what you were experiencing in all those countries. Thanks for bringing me there.

I also like when you wrote about your personal feelings, including the complains. That's only natural and believe it or not, I like to hear your complains too. Life cannot be all rosy, as we all know it :-)

Your English is good and I can also read some of the entries in Chinese that you wife wrote.

I think I have a lot more understanding about the world and Singapore through your blogs. Thanks again and be safe.

I ride too but so far I have been touring only within US. Still dreaming of a RTW trip, hopefully soon...


Anonymous said...

Goh, just wonder why you have to get your parts from Singapore? Aren't motorcycle parts cheaper in US, after you figure in the shipping charge from Singapore to US?

singaporedream said...

Ming: In USA, there isn't any of my bike model. that is so strange but the nearest country would be canada. but even i buy from canada, it might not be reliable as i trust my mechnic more than any mechnic in the world.

tell me more about ur plans for ur rtw...