Wednesday, July 22, 2009

bad bad bad...

we were very glad that Hope Too is on the move again after staying 19days with Gary and Heather.

we continued the journey north, about 1 hour or so, the bike started to lose power. i stopped by a gas station, took out the tank and adjusted the carbs.

after half hour, the bike had a loud cranking sound and we stopped. Gary came from 200km away and fetched us to the nearest motel. the next day, we loaned a truck for US$200+, loaded everything, including Hope Too and drive my 'whole family' towards Houston, where Dave 'adopted' us.

got some stocks in for the long stay at Dave's house.

i opened up the rear cylinder today, found that the piston is cracked, cylinder head is damaged. new valves were broken.
piston cracked. that semi circle black thing is a folded piece of metel from the valve seat.
again i took out some more parts today, 22nd july. the cylinder wall is cracked and chipped. the pieces couldn't be found. it could be inside the engine.

the connecting rod is bend side ways.
the piston is jammed on the cylinder wall.

where is our Hope? where is our Hope? if only in 2007 sept, Hope was not being stolen in malaysia. If only i had not been busy body and went to Malaysia to visit a friend in a Hospital. If only i had an extra lock to lock the wheel of Hope. This would not happen to me now with Hope Too.

give me a place to complain.

let me have some time off to think about another solution.
i do not want to end the trip.

i do not want to buy another motorcycle.
if anyone could help me to find an engine in anypart of the world, i would need to replace that urgently and desprately.
why? why me again?
goh mia chun


RaTz said...

Is there a way I can contact you? e.g. Dave's tel#?

RaTz said...

Pls check your advrider msg.

Steven Singapore said...

jia you!! happened to come across your blog these few days... really envy of the courage to fighting for your dream... took me 2 days to finish reading from day 1 till now. live your dream as you will only live once~

Anonymous said...

don't lose hope...i am sure you can find a replacement for your engine. You have done soo much... this is nothing compared to all the thing you have gone thru....keep rocks!!!


Anonymous said...

you are the inspiration to many back home! dun give up, plan on and finish what u have started for! u will only push on with all of our support.. cheer! sweden!

Anonymous said...

please contact me: 0065-63191954

MiNG said...
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MiNG said...

hi .
long time no see, didn't know you went for this trip.
until saw it online

all the best :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Bro,
My Name is Zai. I work for a newspaper in Singapore. Maybe I can help you? Can you email me your current status, ie what's happening to your journey at and Do you have a number I can call you at?

singaporedream said...

steven: thanks for your encouragement. i missed a chance to fight for my dream once and now i had to cherish this chance. you can do it too!

singaporedream said...

anynonous HNS and from Sweden: thanks for both of u. time will tell and i think it is a test for us.

will update the blog soon.

singaporedream said...

Ming: are you the interial designer from singapore? please give me some clue..

MiNG said...

minghui from tanglin..
also lived in clementi.
remember andrew & kennie ?

Anonymous said...

Dude, call those SPH guys now. They may have some way to help or sponsor you. Don't bother on donations. Times are hard, and not many people will be willing to help, but perhaps some company will in exchange for something. Think about it.