Monday, July 20, 2009

it could be END OF THE TRIP

finally after 19 days in gary and heather's house, we got hope too into pieces and today, we waved bye bye to Gary and heather. im really touched for what they did for us.

we rode for about 150km, the bike lost power. couldn't go up more than 5000rpm.

then another 80km, there is a very loud cracking sound, like a nut in the engine was loose.

the bike can't go on anymore.

Now we are preparing to tow it back to Houston, Dave's house, which is about 400-500km away.

im writing this in a motel now. the most expensive place that we ever stayed for the past 1 year. waiting for the truck to arrive tomorrow.

now we have a few choice:

1) i have to open the bike myself and hope that it's just a small nut/screw that i could fix it back myself, if not
2) i have to get really good mechnic here that they would rebuilt the engine but nobody in usa knows how to repair this bike as it is not avalible in usa.
3) sent the bike back to singapore and buy another bike here.
4) end the trip as Hope Too would not be with us and there isn't any meaning.

we can't go back to Gary and Heather's house because i think we had disturbed their normal life. Gary is a real person that would help us, all out. like today, he came just to fetch us from the highway where the bike is stucked, to the motel. he droved 230km here and 230km back. its like singapore to malacca and back.

we don't know what to do now. im supposed to be in Rhode Island on 25 July 2009 for an inportant confrence but now, i can't go. yes i can take a flight there but i had to stay at the hotel and had transport difficulty.

what shall i do?

i really want Hope Too to be alive again.


Sandra Chiang said...

Sorry to hear of your predicament. My 2-cents:

Go for options 1 and 2 first...and if all attempts fail to revive Hope Too, then it's time to say goodbye to the good o' machine. It's been a great ride. Then, (I don't know what your current financial situation is like but where there's a will, there's a way) get a new bike - Hope Three - and continue on the remainder of your journey. Finish what you've started. Push on - don't give up - as this is what separates the winners from the losers!

Thomas said...

Dear Friends,

post an SOS at or HU for help. Maybe somebody in your current area can help .... well, at least with a workshop and a place where you can pitch your tent (instead of wasting money in motels). Forget the trip to Rhode Island or fly .... thats my advise.
Greets from Switzerland, Thomas & Andrea

Thomas said...

If the repair doesn`t work .... maybe you can buy (ebay) a used engine and ship it to the USA.
I don^t think the 750 Shadow engine fits ....
Let me know and Good Luck, Thomas