Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hope Tree.

our new Hope for the world. only if he can manage well in his own country, then he can help the rest of the world. Truely from my heart, not because of us doing the visa, we read the news about his new work in his office. the strategy that he is planning is what i was thinking about. unlike the previous, is more of into 'business'.
the world is so different now. we went to many countries and they told us about world politics, which we, singaporeans were filtered from the news, we were sad about what has happen.
new hope for the world. readers, please support him.
did u know his full name had a hussien in the middle? did u know he lived in indonesia for 4 years (had an indonesian step father)?
will tell u guys about how is our visa application results in 2 days time. we had a hard time running here and there...
still in santiago.


heartache said...

Hi there
Hope by now everything is going smooth for you, Sam & Hope.

Oh yes, for me I am looking on the positive side under his ruling now. He has definitely created a new era!

Your blog, your story - you write based on your encounter, your experience. I can be there but having a different prospective view and can have a different story altogether. So just keep up your story coming! These stories are proofs that they made a mark in your journey not mine.

no 2 story-tellers are the same - I believe Sam has a different way of blogging if both of you pen down on a same incident!


singaporedream said...

hi heartache.

im not story telling... just to write my feelings and share with everybody. since we are in santiago for the next week, we will try to upload more videos for u guys ok?

tell me, what who u expect to see or read??