Wednesday, January 7, 2009

sorry... sometimes i do have mood swing...

ok, im back to normal... sometimes just abit depress over small little things. we are human... not machine. yes i do ride the continents but i am not God. i do silly and ugly things on the other side too. i am just a normal person like u.

so dont expect me NOT to: digging my nose, doing a fart, littering once a while, looking at other girls on bikini, scratching my underwear and trying to pull it out from the ass... blah blah blah.... everyone do these! (secretly)

i just have a bad neck and spinal pain. it happened over one night of bad sleeping position and after that night, everymorning i wake up i suffer it. morning: problem lifting my head up because of weak neck. little pain down to about 6 inches below the neck on the spine. like usual stiff neck... i cant turn my head but the little spine pain is not usual. Sam gave me alittle massage and it feels better. in the afternoon, my neck can operate like normal condition with very little pain. in the night, after sleeping and next morning it happen again! i am using a inflatable pillow. does it affect the condition?

cube: can u advise me on how to invite company to advertise on my page? i have no knowledge on this.

steve: thank you for following our blog. your encouragement makes us feel better for further updates.

haojie: neck... donno how.... hope can recover by itself. i dont use painkiller. about the statistic, sometimes i feel like writing to ghost... only ghost is reading. like the 7th month ghost festival, the wayang artist perform on stage and no body clap or watch...

cindy: do you think i shall only give registered user to read this blog only? BTW, we really sorry to miss ur wedding.

God: thanks for your offer. i would very very prefer readers to advise me on how to get $ from coperate company rather than getting $ from readers. can u help on this? BTW, when is the Lunar new year?

we dont really enjoyed watching the dakar but had a wonderful time being with friends watching the dakar.

this race is a special one... 30th annivesary and first time out of Europe and Africa. i watched the TV report, most of the riders were suprised by the terrain condition of Argentina, unlike the usual Africa. on day 5, reported about 104 paticipant were out of the race!
check out their sponsers!!!

the girls waiting.... waiting for the racer to arrive...

day 2, we went to Telsen, 150km away from Puerto madryn at 9pm and camped in the wild for a night with Miguel and friends. it was dark.... road was dirt and gravels. we fell once again:
a car overtook us and created a huge cloud of dust... it was dark... i cant see... so i slow down but Hope Too wheeled onto a huge pile of very soft gravel and my handlebar go left and right like a DJ... due to lack of experience... again we fell... luckily the heavy truck behind us stopped in time else Hope Too and both of us will be a meal for that truck.

at the beach while waiting for the Rally paticipant to arrive... there are so many people looking at Hope Too and wanted to take picture with us. as usual, crowding around us... we felt like little celebrities...

one of the small little crowd-....

thanks to Miguel, we are now staying at his house to fix Hope Too and do up some administrative stuff.

Miguel"s friend came from far away and stayed at his house, like us. we had a good BBQ dinner with the company of new friends! they are great!!!

this is the part between the meter and the tank. this piece of metal holds on the meter to the main chassis. i used epoxy but it doesnt work. not that epoxy is not good but i have never, never use it before.... so again, got to learn some new skills...

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