Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dakar Race 2009

we did something bad. we took these 4 pieces of wood, that had become stone, aged: 150million years from the park. anyone wants to buy it from us?

this big piece of log is from an Aracaria tree that was 150million years ago. this wood had become a stone

we met 3 french driving towards Argentina. they had low petrol in their tank and i escorted them to a nearby Kiosk 70km away.

the lovely Hostel Argentino, operated for the past 7 years is a biker friendly place. we are so sad to stay in this place on her last 2 days of operation. it had been a successful hostel but the owner, Gracillo, rented this place from a landlord. so the landlord wanted to kick her out (because this place is established with many customer and travellers) and operate the hostel at his own cost. we are sad about such business tatics, happening around the world. It would be really upset on the day she bring her signboard down and leave the place.

here we are, 1st january 2009, celebrate our 1st anniversary of our travel.

we are back at Miguel's house. he welcomed us with his warm heart. Miguel is the mechnic for the team BMW in Pureto Madryn. The race will reach here on 4th January.

Goh is suffering from severe neck ache. upper spine is corroded. cannot turn his neck well. got problem making arms and neck movement. real bad. it happen just one night, unlike the usual pain. not just like neck stiffness, what should i do? really pain. see a doctor?? get an xray or wait for 3 more days to self recover?
Sam is loving the sun in Puerto Madryn. tempreture is back to normal.

Hope Too had a crack on the main chassis in front of the handle bar, needs welding. the chain need to be replaced but it cost double more than singapore price. the speedo meter is not working. all these small stones in your shoe really irritates you. His chain had last for 46000km since day one.

these looks like wood chip but they are hard like rocks.


andrea said...

Hey guys... we miss you too... and as you could have seen in Rio Grande, it was very hard for me to say "goodbye" because this time it was different... we didn´t say goodbye till christmas... or the next time... now we don´t know when we will see eachother again because we have different destinations... if you have any trouble or questions, let us know.. and we hope you can enjoy the dakar ... unfortunately we can´t buy one of your stones, because we need the money to buy a expensive flight back to germany in april.... but we are thinking of you! take care and keep in contact! yours andrea and thomas

singaporedream said...

we will keep facebooking!

when u guys go back to germany, work hard and buy more lotto.... when u strike 10 million euros, i wont mind your donation of a new XRV750... must be blue/red/white original color.