Sunday, January 4, 2009

1st anniversery video

we did this video ourselves, dedicated to you.

we also like to thank Mr balachandran thevakumaran for his support in our trip... thank you!

we spent half 1 full day in editing this video, almost 3 hours in this expensive and touristic city just to upload this video for all of you, what do we get in return?! if we are lucky enough, we get a few comments. its a WASTE OF OUR TIME AND MONEY FOR THIS BLOG.

why are we spending these effort? why do we need the blog? i do not have to answer to anyone. 43000 readers, only less than 50 comments. less then 0.001% readers give comments. what does reader want to get from our blog? are they friends that are concern about us and want to know about our location? if we do not update blog for 1month, i guess no body would care.

im not trying to be selfish. this is our travel. why must i make all the trouble to update all these shit????


Thomas and Andrea said...

Hi Guys,
I totally agree about the work and the result of maintaining a blog. Hope you are getting better, having pain everyday is well known to me ....!
Say Hello to Miguel and have fun with watching the Dakar 2009. We are still in Punta Arenas, waiting for the tires....Manana, you know !
Hope to see you again, take care and happy trails !!!!!!!!!!!!
Thomas & Andrea & Olli & Silke

Anonymous said...

yo? u ok or not? cheer up dude! its a brand new year. i'm following your blog almost everyday just that din make comments. ;)

fellow arborist.

Anonymous said...


I am Ahmad, writing this from Malaysia and have been following your blog regularly. I am sure that are a lot more readers just like me, read.

Anyway, I only have this to tell you; you both are awesome! I am full of envy and jealousy. Wish I have the energy and $$ to do it.

Take care! said...

Alo Brother!,
Never give up giving up! You are both doing fine. Normal feeling you get, who care about your blog. But some idiot like me will continue reading your story bcoz its real.Have you ever asked, how many Sporean or Msian have done what you have done? You are lucky bloke.
I pray for both of you; good health and safety always. God bless and take care there. Amzah

brifusg said...

Agreed with Amzah.

The most important thing is that you both are enjoying your year-long trip.

I am waiting for more updates from you both! Take care.

Anonymous said...

You are from Singapore and even place the Singapore flag on several places. But you write silly stuff that degrades your achievement to 0. you will be famed when you return home buddy. erase all the unwanted stuff.

singaporedream said...

ahmad, amzah and brifusg, thanks for ur encouragement. i feel much better now... ready to take another challange! will keep this blog going.

singaporedream said...

shihui, andrea, thomas, oliver and silke, u folks know me... sometimes im high and active, sometimes im quiet and sitting alone by a corner. now im back on my saddle ready to fight again! thanks for the encouragement.

yours sincerly...

singaporedream said...

shihui, andrea, thomas, oliver and silke, u folks know me... sometimes im high and active, sometimes im quiet and sitting alone by a corner. now im back on my saddle ready to fight again! thanks for the encouragement.

yours sincerly...

singaporedream said...

anonymous: yes... i place singapore flag where ever i go. i dont want to be fame... i just want to help people that has desire for their dream like me. can u advise me on what is writing silly stuff and which to erase would be good?


kmax said...


dont be so concerned about comments and such..

ride where you want to, blog if you want to and you have done what none (or very few) or us can achieve.

proud of where you are standing today (miles away from home ofcuz)

best of luck and have fun.

kmax said...

btw, i know some people helps to advertise on blogs

may be you can take a look..

singaporedream said...

kmax: yeh... thats the freedom that we had. will check the website u recommanded.. thanks!

Anonymous said...

dude if u dont feel like updating the blog why bother promoting it in sbf.please,u already did a good job. if u not happy RETURN HOME!!


singaporedream said...

Deus: i do not understand what you say. sbf is a place where i meet friends. also i want to promote to local bikers that such a trip is made possible. i dont think u understand me. and by saying: not happy, dont do it; not happy RETURN HOME... is not very sensible...

please advise...

heartache said...

Hi there
I have been following ur blog since you left spore and time really flies - 1 year already!

I envy you and your wife's spirit really. the zeal both of you have - how I really wish i can do that (although you have said you want to show "it is possible")

do keep your blog hot - be it relevant or irrelevant. personal or your travels. that is what blogs are for right?

those who dont feel like reading? just dont come in that's all. even for those pass negative comments, take the positive spirit in you - source of improvement!

negative comments but they are still reading right?

cheer up! I am looking day by day to see you nearing back to singapore! you made us, the singaporeans proud for sure!

keep up the spirit!

singaporedream said...

heartache: u really know what we are thinking about. i felt that u are someone close to us but we dont know who are u. thank you 4 reading our nonsense for this 1 yr. dont envy. if we can make it, so can u if u really want to. we can discuss over it. for those negative reply, i dont take it in my mind because i know what am i doing. please advise on how to do a better blog or what a reader wants to know from our travel.

thanks again!!!