Friday, July 11, 2008

beautiful night paris

we have reached Le Harve, waiting for the ferry to arrive on 14 july, which is 2 days late. anyway, its good to be late than early.

the weather here is bad, highways are raining alot and the roadsigns are for the perfect eyesighted drivers. we are fine. xcited to go into south america.

also in south america, we dont use northing and easting anymore. we uses south and west. something which is very unfamiliar.

it marks the end of our phase 3 of our trip.

trans asia-euro

i broke a rule: to ride in the night.

N 49deg 23.885'

E000deg, 12.528'

how u want your beef to be done? well? medium well? medium? medium raw? i got a cold raw beef, a special dish for the french.

different sizes of the policemen in Paris. cute.


Bruce said...

Hi guys, Managed to sit down and look throught your blog! Guess you'll be about to jump on the ship it'll be a good time to start writting your book. Picked up Ray (girlfriend) the morning we left you guys! We guessed your head may be a little clouded but thank you for the meal and the company!! We started to head north the following and weather was fantastic for the remaining journey. It seems it may always rain in Austria as each time I have visited it has been very wet!
We would love for you both to come and spend some time in Scotland and you would be more than welcome to stop with us for a few nights.
We promise to download the photo of all at the Leaning tower but cannot do it from home as our internet signal is too weak. We will continue to keep checking on your progress. good luck and a safe journey!
Bruce & Ray

singaporedream said...

hi bruce n ray, we are really fortunate to meet u guys, from scottland. not many bikers along the road r as friendly as u guys and willing to eat our 'instant pasta'. thou it's just a few hours of communication, the 3 of u left us the best impresion of Pisa, not the tower. we will come back to europe in 2009 spring b4 going 2 russia. will try to plan a route to scotland. when we r at austria, it also rain. it ruin the beautiful landscape of the national park. it was cold, wet, slippery and lots of strong wind, but we survived. hope to see u soon!