Tuesday, July 8, 2008

16 countries so far, now in France!

the world champion stunt biker on show.

gold wing on a side car!

We would like to thank tan sze wei, my arboriculture classmate, for donating in our RTW fund. would like to do more job together, ok??

Hope Too had the first major servicing. valve clearance, change of engine oil+oil filter+coolent+spark plugs, general checks cost me S$800. Chan can do it for a better rate and a better skill. overall rating, Hope Too feels more lighter and responsive than before. Thanks to Thomas Beez for bring us to a recommended workshop. no play play. they are up to standard when it comes to work.

Thomas was a fellow biker from Germany and did extensive travels all round the world when he had winter or holidays. we knew each other earlier this year at Chiangmai, Thailand, a mini biker’s meeting. unbelievable, we stayed at his house for a few nights and he took out his time to accompany us. we really appreciate.

bikers out there, go watch the show: the fastest Indian. not a India man but a new Zealander that broke the biking world record in the 1960s. we were very touch after watching the show. the main cast, at age 70 plus, is old but the character and story is about the same as me.

we left Thomas house, which was situated in the CENTER of Germany for Gamish, south of Germany. 4th to 6th July was the annual BMW Motorrad Days carnival. they had the longest ride to this event competition. the person that rode the longest journey to this carnival would have a big prize! after observing for 2 days, Hope Too was the only bike that came from the most far away place. we went to the information tent and ‘report’ about Hope Too…..

‘sorry this year we had stop this competition’

what if I win a BMW GS1200???? what do I do with it? Sam can’t ride it and we have booked the ferry tickets to South America.

the carnival attracted more than 35000 bikers for the 3 days event. we were abit shy when the M.C. announced about the arrival of a couple from Singapore to this carnival. we were made known to everyone, this 35000 bikers from Europe knew us. Hope Too was shy at the parking lot. all the big brothers like the big BMWs came with the full accessories and shiny parts parked beside. Hope Too was quite all the time as he did not know how to speak German and the big BMWs does not speak Japanese. He was the shining bike of all. many people took photo of Hope Too rather than the expensive BMWs. He was shy. dressed in a dirty mudded chassis and broken windscreen, why would these biking experts and lovers take a picture of me… Hope Too blush.

Finally we met Thomas, Erica and the gang again in Gamish. we were missing Thomas about his laughter and ice creams. we chilled out under the clear sky with the gang from America. Jerry made me laugh and learn a lot from. at 74, he rode to many countries, survived numerious hilly falls, escaped from the bandits in Mexico and cheerful and lively at his age. if u have not seen him u must thought that he is 25 years old. we were proud that he sign on Hope Too.

I had my first injury of the trip since 1st January 2008. Jie, u remember when I was 12 I had a fractured on my right shin? I rode the BMW X-challenge 650 in a professional track. it was a right

corner and the course was about 40 degrees perpendicular as the track was built to counter the centrifugal force from the fierce turn. the first round I was thrown out of the bike and landed on the big stones of about 1 foot diameter. the track instructor told me:

its over! we have no spare bikes!

I was tired and sat aside.

he came with the 650 again and I could ride again. the second round I rode more carefully and with the same spot, I fell again. this time, the bike fell from the 40degree side and landed on my shin. I couldn’t move. I was the center of attraction. everyone (35000) knew that the Singapore guy fell on the track. I water for the track instructor to pull out the bike and he shouted:


I was limping out of the track and went to the first aid area. they were professional.

luckily it didn’t broke my shin but it was very much swollen. it hurts.

I also test ride the new GS1200 on the enduro park. amazing! thou it was heavy but it could grip the lose gravel well. the rear brakes had a strange braking system that works effectively on off road! I could round the bike in those tough terrains! it is sure to be a good bike!

I was touched when a biker gave me a badge. he was from Slovania. He was browsing on Hope Too and I turned up with Jerry at the bike. He pinned the Slovania badge on my chest. It’s the biker’s spirit that we had and he appreciated but I was much more appreciated than he was to give me a badge, from a person that was not known to us. Thank you.

it was an eye opener to be at the carnival, so many people cheering for us and giving us blessing for the journeys tomorrow. we felt welcome by the bikers and they really talked to us with the bottom of the heart. I think all bikers thought the same. I didn’t tell them the story about the lost Hope that was stolen on the Malaysian Highway 5 weeks before our trip. it was really sad.

roads and more beautiful roads. we left the place, saying bye bye to all the bikers still partying on the day time, we would want to come back to this place again,


it’s summer here. lots of big dark clouds and it drizzle a lot, making the road wet and it would be cold to ride. not very nice in the rain days. the drizzle last long for the whole day. bad!

we went on the swiss road for an hour and reach the france border, the black forest. the freighter company informed us about changes of boarding location and time, from Bilbao Spain on 14 july, amended to Le Havre, France 12 July. We have to be at the port 2 days earlier. Hope that Hope Too doesn’t get sick else our $$$ will sail away without us to Argentina.

do you believed in a parallel world. a friend of mine told me about this. she said that the is another Goh or Sam living in this world, doing the same thing as us at the same time. you can visit this world only if you travel faster than the speed of light and you can reach this world. we seen lots of pictures about south America. the people and landscape is very much similar to Asia. if you poke a pin on the globe from Singapore, I think the another end of the pin will be at Colombia. it’s the opposite world from my home. will I see another guy that has a same look as I do? will I find another Sam? we are excited but scared to be at South America
we met this 3 guys in the party! they were fun loving and were the youngest friend that we made. at 13 or 14 years old, they are as tall as me, close to 2 meters.

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