Wednesday, May 21, 2008

we have reached Turkey!!!

N 38deg 30.215
E 043deg 23,640
on the way to turkey, we met a heavy fog and we lost our way. Mr Megıd and Mr Hussıen was very kınd enough to let us stay at hıs house and gıve us the warmness that nobody can gıve. he ıs not those type that he want any rewards by gıvıng you good thıngs.
though we could not communıcate well ın our languages but we trust them and they are reall kınd people!
Mr Hussıen let me try hıs 12mm shot gun!
beautıful country sıde that no tour agency wıll brıng you!

Nothıng for us to recall ın ıran except for the very sıncer friends that we made ın İran. they were the most beautıful memorıes that we had.

goıng ınto turkey ıs paınful because the petrol ıs about S$3.00per lıter. ın Iran, we had S$0.15

per lıter. roads here ıs very beautıful.ıts just our fırst day here and ıt,s Sam bırthday!

ın the cıty of Van, ıts much more lıke home as there are HSBC banks and ATMs the people here wıll not gather around Hope Too to examıne where thıs space shıp comes from. most of the people here that we met were real frıendly. they are not those dısturbıng type but they respect our prıvacy.

well more to come!

on the street of Van

ıran and turkey border

beautıful Turkısh Road!

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