Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Iran friends

the tree's prayer, is out to all mankind. espicially to the arborist out there.

To Sharon Kee, Derek Yap and all the Arborist around the world. please take a look at this 4000years old cypress spp tree in Iran!
now i know where Winnie the Pooh house is...

still in Iran, we went to a few new found friend's home. i had a bit of issue. iran doesnt accept masters, visas or travellers cheque. we got limited us$ and there is no way i can get irani rial! i met a man, his son is studying in singapore. i came out to an idea that is to ask my sister to pass his son singapore dollars and get irani rial from him once his son got the $. he is mr Shahbaz. we stayed at his farm for a night then follow by a night at his apartment.

Mr Shahbaz and wife

went to a house at Kerman. he is mr Mansouf. we had a wonderful dinner at his home and guess what? we drank home made red wine there! in this country?!

Mr Mansouf and family

last 2 nights we spend at Mr Ali Reza's home at Abadeh. they are really very hospitable.

Mr Ali Reza and family

we love meeting new friends and observe how their life was. we did went to Perspolis, the 2000 years old's the main attraction of iran but we do not apprciate it. Perspolis will be the same for the next year, next 10 years and next 100years but Mr Ali, Mr Mansouf and Mr Shahbaz will not be the same tomorrow.
intresting Carlsberg that we drank. local tell me it is a Religious beer.The Yazd Province is homeland to the Zoroaster, it was the ancient religon of Iran (Persia).

check this religion out! it is one of the fewest in the world.

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