Tuesday, May 6, 2008


big notes but small amount. gotta carry it in plastic bag!
we have about 10 different group of escort daily in our journey.
police and armed personnel.
the evening sunset in the desert of Iran...

we have reached Iran safely! we had got out of the EIC influenced coloneies and its totally a new face when we reached the border.

lodging here is extreme expensive! we had a shocked. stayed at a usd$45.

its a left hand drive country. we had full armed escort from the iran boder to the town of kerman, in a way we are very safe but in other hand, our movement were restricted and lots of waiting time. i guess its more of a safety consern.

there is no acceptance of traveller's cheque in iran, neither usage of ATM or AMEX. we are surving on the spare pakistan rupee to survive. about $200++.

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