Sunday, May 25, 2008


its always my dream to come turkey. it is a asia country with 5% of it belongs to europe. as a islamic country, its very developed and less conservative. we had to save much when we reach here. camping is the best lodging we could find and cheapest of all! the road were filled with beautiful grasses, flowers and flowing cool water. feels really like holiday touring on bike. its the biker's dream destination. unlike the previous travel in other countries, the road condition were challanging and the culture is very different there. here in Turkey, its very westernized.

we had long journeys in Turkey. the road were above average and many Caravans from europe came here for holiday.

thank you Mr Mohamad and his family!

cooking breakfast for evening on the farm

along the journey to a far destination, we stopped over a farm land and seek permission from Mr Mohamad to camp on his compound. not understanding the Turks, we didnt really understand what they were trying to say. what we knew that it was a 'no'. they said that there will be snakes around if we camp on the ground. then they provided us with a tractor loader and we slept on it. the night was cold and Mr Mohamad checked our sleeping bags and it was not up to his standards. he then provide us with mattress, blankets and pillow for us to sleep in the loader. it was reallliii cold even we had all the necessery covers. we could feel their welcoming warmness.

spending a night in the farm was the most plesant experience that no $ can buy!

one of the camp site in Goreme were we had to pay about S$25 per night. it was the most luxurious campsite that we stayed. cooking stove and proper WC was provided.

Goreme was a very ancient village. formed with alot of intresting rocks. it was hot in the day time and it's about 34deg celsius. once we enter the rock caves, its like the airconditioned room. its amazing!

there were about closed to 50 underground cities near Goreme. each had structure like an ant colony. it can go down to 80meters deep!


Anonymous said...

MC, only get to know that u have embarked on a great endeavour yesterday through the others at patrick's wedding. Think you are very brave, at least more than most of us, to jettison many things to pursue your dream. YOu have always been a most daring and full of aspiration guy that i had met. Although we stay so near, didnt manage to catch up with u at all. Express my regrets for not being there when at your start point.
All the best! 54.

singaporedream said...

54! 54! i am not brave but 'kiasu' and 'kia see'. scared that i would die before i could see the world. it's a hard journey and it's even harder to start off. now im on the road with the encourangement of u folks, it will be the best booster for us to move ahead! my regret for not being there with the 'seahorses' for ATEC2.

thanks for reading my blog

Anonymous said...

Its certainly a remarkable achievement on embark on such endeavour. To begin, is an achievement by itself. A greater one once you complete. Understand you are in some financial difficulties. Let me see if i can help..Can get your singapore buddy or whoever that u are communicating with to contact me at my email.. (my surname i.e.(**** Regards. 54

singaporedream said...

tks 54. duno worry. still can manage now. we got ways to save $ but when we r left with 10% of the fund, i will activate sierra 2 inform u all for help. i apprciate ur guidance all these while. sorry that had made many trouble while i was in the active days. guess my sis got a good npcc mate and i got a good sunray!

Anonymous said...

You have always been a good guy, rallying the others. Your presence brings life to our mundane routines. I have always treasured my time with all of you. Great! You take care and best wishes! I look forward to reading your subsequent updates on this blog. Regards.54