Monday, November 5, 2007

new bike

at last, my new 'new' old new bike is registered. 3515 to be exact. while doing transection at the LTA, i recived a phone call from auntie Annie. she recived my sms, glad that im going for my gap year trip for 18mths. generously, she promise me to sponsor me some cash. gosh... i was overwellm.... she was such a nice lady, supportive in my business and my dream. i could not find anyone like her in singapore. god bless her in good health!!!!

also buying my 10yrs COE for this new 'new' old bike, the premium was abt $1k plus...

went to AIA to admend my monthly insurance, they are very regimental. 1 is 1, 2 is 2, 0+0 cannot be = to 1. waiting time is like 20 times of my shitting time. no chair to sit as i have to give up the avalible to the elderly to wait in Q to claim their retirements.

walked down the street to Prudential insurance: pretty receptionist, nice embiance, free flow of coffee, milo, capuchino, teh terak.... shiok! nice leaning chair, attentive customer service that help me to solve my problem. i gave her a good feedback form.

er... im not trying to do advertisment here... just a personal experience.

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