Saturday, November 3, 2007

all child hood stuff happen fast. i remembered playing cardboxes at my dad's stall, playing hide and seek at the market. every school holiday we would go for holiday at genting, phuket, bangkok, hong kong, china. we love it!!! i still remember all the lovely holidays. i bitten sis on her left arm once at genting. the scar remains till today. that's how nauty i am. my favarote was the 7th mth ghost festival, where all the hawker were involve in the prayers and celebration. it was like a school camp. lots of activity and responsiblity for everybody to station at the tentage.
dad downdays was when he was a bookie and runner. he got his 'pocket money', got raided, got framed by friends and ran away. time were tough. before that, we took over our neighbour house and that made our block 362 flat a executive flat. $140000.00. that was about 1995. the stock market was on the down side where they lost money also. in the night they would sell satay at ghim moh. dad also loaned my 3rd uncle merz for instant cash to repay his bookie debt for the loan shark. $4075.00 everymonth to be paid. these were the life as a hawker kid. gamble, hawker, stocks, suicide are the events in my life. dad even tried to electicude himself using the plug for death. loser


Sis said...

Hey Bro,

It's on the right arm, not left. Though scarred, fond memories remains....


softech said...

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