Saturday, November 3, 2007

my sis birth

when my sis was born, mum was a bus driver ($13.5/day). sis was taken care by my nanny, we would address her as 'motherrrr'. ah mah was very favourable. bonus that time was ($1400.00)_ dad requested a music player from ah mah as all his pay goes to ah mah. then they bought the black and white tv. their life goes on. dad sell his textile (own business), mum drove her bus. 1978, dad changed line to sell shoes and sundray at clementi ave 2, blk 353. then blk 362 flat was with deposit. the business was blooming at 353. so mum quitted his job as bus driver to help out the stall. there were much customer at that time. when i was abt 3 yrs old, i was nearly got hold my that adrain lim.

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