Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A departed man's living dream part 2

So, what happened?

I went to the insurance at Anda Insurance Agencies Pte Ltd, 18 Sin Ming Lane, #02-10 Midview City Singapore 573960 tel: 65542288, email: thomson@anda.com.sg

It was a complexed building. To change the name of the Next rider cost $80.25.

After the name was changed, i was only allowed to ride the bike legally on the next day.

In the night, Siong came to my house with the Tenere. He warned be about the stiff handling of the steering and handle bar. i took a small ride and it was really dangerous. he had a Hepco and Becker rack, so we tried putting Hope Too's pannier on but something is not right. The rack is the same size but we just couldnt squeeze it in.

We need panniers for the bike, else i have to go alone with a backpack. soft luggage cannot be tied at the rear as the exhaust were fitted very high.

I sent Siong back to Jurong.

The next day, i drove my lorry to M-technik just to deliver the 2 panniers and go home.

Then i rode the dangerous Tenere to Alexandra village to rectify the handling problem. I went to Hock Kim Leong.

The mechnic could instantly know that it is the steering cone bearing that was broken. but they do not have any parts.

'its about $150'

i was telling myself: WTF?! $150?! but i kept cool.

 After checking out the part number, they couldnt do the job because they do not have the bearing on hand. They ask me to go Serangoon to get the bearing and come back to let them do the repair.

i asked: which shop?

Mechnic: the SKF shop

I replied: ok... i try (but i don't know where).

i walked across the street where there are some car spare parts sales.

'uncle: do u have bearing number: 32006JR and 32005JR?'

oh yeh! they have it! $25 for 2! they have 32006 and 32005, with out the JR. as long as the size is the same, it fits!

Yamaha XT660Z Tenere's steering cone bearing number is: 32006JR and 32005JR. Tapered type.

i went back and Hock Kim Leong and they were sure impressed on how fast i ride to Serengoon and back within 8 minutes.

The labour to change the bearing was $80. They also changed the rear brake pad for $25. i didn't see the packaging of the new brake pad.

Next, i rode the Tenere to Mtechnik. With Chan's magic hands, he was able to fit the panniers onto the rack. I believe that i could not do it myself so, i would keep the panniers on the bike as long as Chan is not around me. Thank you, Chan.

Now, the bike is working again, the panniers are good, we did a small test with Samantha for a short ride to Kulai, Malaysia.
Being on the back feels so different because the seat for her is very high. the bike is most comfortable at 120-130km/hr. i tried a 160km/hr but dont feel safe, feeling that the panniers may fly away.

i stopped and looked at the engine during the petrol stop. noticed some brown water stain on the engine. could it be mud splash or corroded coolant water or coolant breakage? i couldnt find any break.

The bike does not come with center stand. i have to make a wood so that i could oil the chain or make the bike stand by itself if the wheels are needed to be taken out during puncture.

we are meeting at +3° 5' 58.32", +101° 38' 7.98", Naza World, KL, Malaysia on 7 June 2012 630am.

will be riding up with Samantha to meet them.

for the 

The Langkawi International Charity Ride 2012

At last i have a new riding pants. it suits me well, from Ho Kai Weng.

Something out of the Topic. I saw this truck with S1962CD on the road... it is a vehicle of the Diplomatic Corps in Singapore. source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vehicle_registration_plates_of_Singapore

then, on 23 May 2012, around 3 pm, i saw 2 enforcement officer, parking their work bike at a non-desitinated lot, going to a motorbike shop for leisure shopping. are they abusing their authority?

Our life has always been chased by these people. we park to buy our lunch for 10 minutes and by the time we are back, the $10 fine is there. There is not a space for the commoners in singapore to breath. NO SPACE TO BREATH, U BLOODY #Y%*@@#?! ARE U LISTENING?! it is too tight. 

don't let us have a chance to bite back because once we see the chance, we will bite, chew, tear and make sure it bleed non-stop!

well, the picture below shows a thousand word. 

Don't push us too much!


this is Siong's Tenere. it just clocked the first 10000km.

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