Sunday, May 20, 2012

A departed man's living dream part 1.

He signed up for Langkawi Bike Week 2012 on 7th June 2012 since February. He could not make it.

The organizers are kind enough to return RM$800+ of participant fee to the family.

This was the last wish he wanted to fulfill but no chance.

He intended to go with Siong.

It was somehow depressing for Siong to go alone now. Siong is willing to give up his ticket.

Langkawi is a duty free zone of Malaysia. Any goods including vehicle has to be declared. Thus, all the bikes has been registered for the event.

I promised Sam Leong's sister that our friend will bring his helmet, a representative of Sam's soul, to Langkawi Bike Week, and also to donate back the RM$800+ to the charity organization.

Hope Too is definitely NOT able to make it that far.

Siong is willing to pay for me. Siong is willing to let me use his Tenere 660XT.

I have no confident riding this bike.
Any accident on the bike, I have to be responsible, even scratches.
Samantha wants to go with me on this small bike, it would double the risk.
My job has piled up.
I need to get a riding pants and helmet sponge.
Samantha needs to get a riding boots and helmet sponge.
We have to orientate with the XT660.

But we want to fulfill a friend's last living dream.

will we/I go for the trip?

This will be our challenge for 2012:

A departed man's living dream part 1.


Terence said...

Anything for a brother from another mother, a rider in another saddle. If I were you, I would go. All the best!

Anonymous said...

your time is limited