Sunday, June 24, 2012

Best Massage in Hatyai, Thailand. 2012.

It was in 2008 January, where we rode our Hope Too into Thailand using the Betong border.

2012 June, that’s 4 and half years later, we are back. All seems so familiar but so far. Seems like everything was in our dream.

Even Oliver massage, has changed. The smell is not the same, the staircase, room, friendliness and the massage standard has been amended to the tourist standard. bye bye Oliver.

Thro Joe Chan’s recommendation, we found

Only One Massage.

Quiet, no gimmicks, no joking, no loud music, no shouting. Truly, if you are a person that has experienced with thai massage, from the first stance where the masseur will first stretch your feet and you know how serious is she.

Best Massage in Hatyai. Highly recommended for serious massage lover. For party group, do not come here.


It is a little expensive but worth! At point of visit, we paid 350Baht for 2 hours standard thai massage, excluding tips. If you take a tuk tuk, they may bring you in and get commission, in the end, you still pay 350Baht but the massage parlor earn lesser. What we did was pay the tuk tuk 20Baht each, get down and walk into Hakka Association, wait for the tuk tuk to leave, then we walk into ONLY ONE.

Located infront of the Hatyai Hakka Association.

The Hakka association in Hatyai is worth a quick walk. We found this in the hall, which means all Hakka people belongs to one family.




N07° 0.2238', E100° 28.3614'

Another place we found out to have cheap, fresh local seafood is at the clock tower market.
We always have misconception that fresh seafood should be at the beach, where they will do the fresh catch and we eat the fresh catch.

Just like last year, we went to Tioman Island and stayed for a week, ordered some seafood which is not really affordable. Some of the seafood we wanted was not available and the owner said: there is no shipment from mainland today. When we leave Tioman, we saw they really shipped the seafood from mainland into Tioman.


This roadside seafood hawker stall is just located 1 street away from the local wholesale night market where tonnes of fresh seafood, vegetable, meat and spices were distributed from here to other restaurant.


BBQ Prawn was 400gm for 210Baht.
Fresh Oyster at 40Baht per piece.
Flower crab at 160Baht per big piece (BBQ).
Squid for 2 person BBQ at 100 Baht.
Beer and whisky available.
Park your bike just 1 meter of yourself.
May need to bring your own umbrella if it rain.
Toilet, ermmm.... ask the local.

Located at Thanon Montri 1, west of clock tower.



N07° 0.6768', E100° 28.1259'

Hatyai is well known for the oldies bar and restaurant. One of the retro and oldies restaurant we can find is at Sakura hotel, where the ladies will just sing while you eat. 


We have not tried the food of this restaurant but, we love to sit outside this restaurant, having a beer, looking at the street and wait for the best ‘som-tum’  (papaya salad) motorcycle to arrive.

Where else can we eat KFC with a plate, fork and knife, and drink the Pepsi with a glass?


Amzah said...

Plan to go into Thailand before this coming fasting month. Also, if go to Hatyai must try Only One Massage as you suggested. Usually I would do the Thai massage close to the hotel where I stay for the nite. Dunno if there is any different, but will try.

Francis Tan said...

just came back from my first trip to hatyai, tried your recommended only one massage. damn awesome. actually i find the price alright as all the other small massage saloon is charging at 200 per hour.