Sunday, January 22, 2012

St. Andrew's Cathedral Home for the Aged

This year, we stop buying things for Chinese New Year. Things like abalone is so expensive! When you go on the street, you would witness people busy buying new clothes, new furniture, new TV, new shoes and lots of lots of goodies at home. For us, we bought the minimum. We use the money to do something worthwhile, for others.

We decide to do something for the community around Clementi. I know of this home where the old ladies would stay. Our motive is to let them know that they are not forgotten during this festive season. I think the best gift is just an Ang Pao (a traditional red paper packet which contain money) and some oranges. 

Samantha and I chose every oranges carefully, inspecting each box and each orange.

Sheng Siong Clementi has convenient loading bay and good staff to help us to load our purchase.

23 goodie bags. We put on facebook about our activity. Jen Soh and Willy Ang replied and the willingly to come and help us. Both of them are very approachable and their job is to take our packed oranges and to wish and bless the elderly.

Sorry I am not good in this, so they had helped the team in a very good way.

Jen Soh gave the elderly a bright day with her warm approach although it was a rainy day.
Samantha helped to pack the oranges into 23 small packets before Jen and Willy comes.

Jen Soh with the oldest lady in the home, she is 98 years old.
The supervisor Mrs Margaret Lim, sharing the history of this home with us.
Willy and Samantha.

Thank you Willy and Jen Soh for your valuable time and effort for making the old folks happy.

Willy is also active in volunteering. He also advised me about other homes. 1st day of Chinese New Year, Samantha and Willy will join me to visit Singapore Leprosy Relief Association.

The purpose of this visit is to let the people in this home feel the joy of this festive season. I went to make a visit yesterday. There are 43 patients living in this home and most of them DO NOT have family members. This building looked very very new and modern from the external look but when i went in, the 5 level building is leaking when raining. they use a big canvas to cover the indoor hall. 

Leprosy Home is like a home. they have normal activities and this is their home. The patients are normal. The home is a home and we are going to visit their home on the first day of Chinese New Year, Monday 23 January 2012. Time is around 4pm - 6pm.

Please do contact us if you want to make 2012 Chinese New Year a special year for those forgotten ones in the society.


Maria said...

Great job Goh!

Gong Xi Fat choi :)

singaporedream said...

thanks Maria!

Have a blessed year of the Dragon!